The Ultimate Kodi Sports Guide – What Addons to Use

The Ultimate Kodi Sports Guide - What Addons to Use



I have hundreds of tweets saying why are there no good Live Sports addons on Kodi. My answer Rubbish there are loads! Some people just cant be arsed to dig around. Thats why i decided to write The Ultimate Kodi Sports Guide – What Addons to Use.In this game you have to think outside the box to get the best experience. This blog will help loads of you out.


The Ultimate Kodi Sports Guide – What Addons to Use

The Ultimate Kodi Sports Guide – What Addons to Use.

Welcome to this new blog I have just complied, I am fed up of all the tweets from lazy people who can not be bothered to play around and explore third party kodi addons. Think outside of the box is all i can say to gain the best experience when it comes to watching Live Sports  using Kodi media Centre. Don’t just look for the Obvious, events are broadcast all around the world.

Check out our Upcoming Televised Football Blog for match channel listings HERE

Over the last few months there have been some massive changes in the third party addon community, but that does not mean the quality of addons has reduced. Yes there has been causalities along the way but some of the new addons are amazing, with new devs stepping up to the plate.

There are still quite a few sports that get overlooked in the community. so if you have any ideas and sources that could be used get in contact with us and we will pass on your ideas to a couple of the devs.

My passion like many that are probably reading this blog is football.

If you are one of our American\Canadian readers then i am talking about Soccer.

Its Matchday! Your team are about to go head to head with your bitter rivals, you power up your PC or Android box ready to watch the big match so where is it being shown? What Addons are available to watch it on? What is my typical Matchday?


Right guys this is my little pre- game ritual first things first Time to find out What time is Kick Off and What channels are showing the game.

This can be done by looking at our blog on our site called Upcoming Football on Kodi HERE. Unfortunately we don’t cover sports at this moment as its a massive job already.

We try  to keep this page upto date with the latest games. So bookmark the page. If your teams match is not listed the chance are there is no TV coverage worldwide.


Once you know What time and Where i always power off my router and reboot it back up this clears down the Router cache this helps with streaming and you should notice a difference in your speed if you do a speedtest before and after, the faster is always better as can reduce buffer and unnecessary heartache later.

I then boot up device and Kodi and go into one of my maintenance addons. I will then clear cache and packages so the device has had a spring clean you are then all set and ready to go.


Pro Tip

Some streams may require Acestreams or P2P streaming. When using Peer 2 Peer streaming or torrenting, we highly recommend a VPN. For your online security and safety.

Some of you maybe saying how do i setup Plexus or Acestream on my device? We have blogs on it for PC HERE and for Android HERE

This is important. Click below to have a look at our recommended VPN provider IPVanish.

The Ultimate Kodi Sports Guide - What Addons to Use


Right so to the job in hand Top Sports addons, I am from the UK so i will concentrate on our sports, I don’t follow any American sports so i have no knowledge of them and the best places to find them. Most of the addons i am going to cover will have sections for them as well.

If you have info that you wish to add to this blog to add to it drop me a message via our twitter account HERE

These are not listed in any order.

The rest is down to you, check them out find your new favourites. Some addons will work better for some than others depending on Kodi Version, Country, Internet service Provider and many other issues.



Adryanlist This addon has been going for years its one of my favorite go to addon’s for Sports, Yes its a foreign addon but it has hidden gems everywhere.

Has an Amazing Plexus Ace stream section


If you have not installed this addon on your device yet then please follow our guide HERE.

The Loop


The Loop is a great Sports addon that is an amazing option to use for most Sports events. The addon scrapes all the top websites for sports content.



Fan Zone











If you have not installed this addon on your device yet then please follow our guide HERE.

Sports Devil

Install the Latest Sports Devil Kodi Addon Repo

Sports Devil one of the oldest kodi third party addons out there, and still one of the best packed with options to watch all of the latest sports action. Also required for some of the other Sports addons as they use its resolver modules.So a must have ensure you have the latest version installed.


If you have not installed this addon on your device yet then please follow our guide HERE.

Rising Tides Addon

An amazing Sports IPTV addon probably one of my favourites to be honest, lots of content so be sure to check it out.This addon has everything from Live Action to replays.


If you have not installed this addon on your device yet then please follow our guide HERE.

Kick Off Addon

One of the new kids on the block, this addon has appeared over the last few days and looks very promising for all Sports so be sure to check it out.

Kick Off is a great new football addon.

  • Champions League
  • Premier League
  • Others
  • Highlights (Matches within minutes of finishing)
  • Live Channels (About 18 Channels on blogging)

This addon contains live links and highlights. The addon requires you to have the latest Sports Devil installed to work. This addon searches the web for links.







If you have not installed this addon on your device yet then please follow our guide HERE.


Elektra Vault

Elektra Vault is a brand new Sports addon from the guys at Supremacy on first glance it looks decent with some great Sporting options.

If you have not installed this addon on your device yet then please follow our guide HERE.

Halow Live Tv 

How to Install Halow Live TV Install Halow TV Kodi addon


Halow Live Tv is a great free sports addon at the moment if you follow them on twitter you will see hundreds of tweets Thanking them for superb hd streams on match days. Its great for football action but they are very good on all sports as you can see from the screenshots below.

Screenshot 2016-05-09 16.17.50


Screenshot 2016-05-09 16.18.13



70 odd live sports channels and all working at the time i tested it.

If you have not installed this addon on your device yet then please follow our guide HERE.

Falcon Sports

Falcon Sports This addon is another great option for all sports it scrapes some of the biggest Sports Streaming sites online bringing them to Kodi.


If you have not installed this addon on your device yet then please follow our guide HERE.

Boom Addon

The Boom Addon is another new ish player to the game, must say i have been very impressed with this addon since it launch. It has a large selection of live 24/7 Sports channels. It also has a great Match Centre for live Events of the day. This addon is one to watch looks like it could get even bigger and better.

The addon raises money for a charity so be sure to check it out and donate to the very good cause. It also has a great Football replays section if you missed the big game.




If you have not installed this addon on your device yet then please follow our guide HERE.

NetStreams Sports Hub

NetStreams Sports Hub Another brand new decent Sports addon to consider which was decent on testing and should give you some more options for Sports action.






If you have not installed this addon on your device yet then please follow our guide HERE.



Deliverance is another cracking Sports Addon be sure to check it out, used to be called Lily Sports as was part of Tigens World addon but has since gone solo. Defo worth checking out, made by a Bolton supporter but don’t hold that against them.

If you have not installed this addon on your device yet then please follow our guide HERE.

Made in Canada

Made in Canada  is a great addon which covers a lot of World Sports including Canadian Sports and has a really good Plexus links.



If you have not installed this addon on your device yet then please follow our guide HERE.




Subzero MMA

Subzero MMA The best Addon for UFC Live on Event nights and Replays this should have you covered.

Guide Install Subzero MMA Kodi Addon Repo



Guide Install Subzero MMA Kodi Addon Repo




If you have not installed this addon on your device yet then please follow our guide HERE.

All rounder or IPTV Addons

There are also some great all rounder addons or IPTV addons that have great Sport content and great channels available. Watch the all important match on a Saturday afternoon at 3 o’clock or the Big Fight or Race. Loads of these are over looked and can be the best place to look and use on a regular basis.

Addons come and go and whats good one week may not be great the next, its all about keeping up to date.

To install any of these amazing addons please type the name in the search bar of our website to pull up install guide or click on the addon name in the blog.

The One

One of the best all in one addon on third party Kodi at the moment, this addon was coded in Portugal and is a must add. It has a few Sports areas in the different playlist sections. Explore and enjoy







One of the best Third Party addons in Kodi, Has an amazing Sports section and 3pm section. Love the EFL Highlights section and other leagues sections one of the best Sports sections in all all in one addon by miles. Lots of EFL Clubs have their own highlights page.

UK Turk

One of the best all round third party Kodi addons also includes a great Sport section so be sure to check it out.Multiple Links for hundreds of channels. Also includes Acestream and Plexus links.


Project Cypher


One of the best IPTV Addons has been around a while now plenty of options for UK and USA Channels

Falcon Project

Exodus fork with an added dimension of Live IPTV Channels, its worth a look.Sports and Ultra Iptv sections.





Another all in one addon that has a decent Sports and IPTV sections with channels that you are looking for.




Not Sure

Decent Sports IPTV Section includes reddit streams that are normally pretty decent.Also scrapes some of the big websites.


Picasso has a decent Sports section with channels with multiple links. Often overlooked.Also has a live games section with all the games and matches listed.

Stream Hub





Stream Hub has some amazing Scrapers bringing you lots of android app favourites to Kodi. Has an amazing amount of options for Sports. The addon also has a great replay section for many sports.




Has 2 IPTV sections worth checking out. Live Tv and Free Iptv section. Both have lots of hidden gems and will have you covered for most Sports.Also has a Live Sports Section defo worth a look.


Oblivion has a decent Live Events and Channels section. Some Top Quality work here. Incs BBC Red Button which come in useful from time to time.

Secret Tv Vip

This is a foreign addon but its pacled with loads of content from all round the world. An amazing addon for Sport IPTV. lots of hidden gems to found in this addon. Be sure to check it out. Check out all sections not just the Sport!! Also includes Amerikano Tuga which is an amazing addon on its own.

IPTV Bonanza

This addon scrapes multiple sites that publish free daily iptv lists. Can be great one day and then pony the next. However had to make the list as its worth digging around in to find top quality content.

Beaus Place

Has a decent IPTV section powered by Fluxus Tv, channels from all round the world perfect for thinking outside the box.


Sports not their primary focus but this addon has a live events section worth keeping an eye on. Also has a decent Motor Sports and Parkour section so worth checking it out.

No Name

One of my favourite addons at the moment for a lot of things but the Sports section will not let you down. Quality. 3 Top sections here to check out. Live Tv,Sports and Daily IPTV.

Stream Army


Another Top addon defo worth checking it out for quality links, also has amazing Highlights sections for various sports.


Another decent addon for options with Sports links and great Highlights and replay sections.Check out The Sports Zone section of the addon.




This is a decent IPTV Addon with multiple servers it has lots of options for Sports so be sure to check it out.


Bob Unleashed





Bob Sports has always been decent, quality Plexus links links to enjoy events in Hd. it is also the home of Shepo’s Boxing Hits the best section for Boxing live Events and replays.


Another IPTV Addon that will give you options. This addon has only just come back online.

Best Addons for Sports Replays

Release Hub

One of the best addons for Sports Replays always the first to get content after the event, you will require a Real Debrid account for this addon to work.

If you have not installed this addon on your device yet then please follow our guide HERE.







Well here’s hoping that will stop all the questions and you can all enjoy your sporting passion.

Thanks for reading guys hope this blog helps you out to install some great Sports addons on your devices.

If after reading this and stream searching in addons is not for you there are other options.

ie a paid sub addon, we have tested and reviewed quite a few of these addons since opening the site.


My personal Favourite is XL which is a supplier of RUYA Streams. My review of the addon can be read HERE.


This is an amazing addon with over 600 channels and full EPG integration.

Sports Streams in 1080p on a lot of the main channels. If you are interested in subscribing checkout their website HERE. 


Don’t forget to tell them that we sent you lol.





Our Website don’t host any links or support any content. The  Kodi addons in this blog don’t host any links. They only scrape content freely available on the internet, working the same way as any of the well known search engines.

Kodi is a media center and comes as a fresh install with no content. What the end user chooses to install is down to them.

BFK does not support piracy, and is not responsible  for what you decide to do with the contents of blog and was written purely as an example.

All users install these addons at their own risk, all addons in the blog are third party addons and should not be spoken about on official forums.

We own no addons,wizards, any copyright issues please take up with the stream hosting sites


The Ultimate Kodi Sports Guide – What Addons to Use

Whilst I am writing this would like to go on record to thank you all for your support. We are aware that we are a still a brand new site compared to some of the third party Kodi Websites. The Site is still growing month on month. We really enjoy reading your comments on our twitter account all 52000 of you. if you don’t follow us you can do so by clicking HERE.


Thanks from the whole team at #BFK


The Ultimate Kodi Sports Guide - What Addons to Use

The Ultimate Kodi Sports Guide - What Addons to Use



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