5 alternatives to Genesis for Tv Shows 2016

5 alternatives to Genesis for Tv Shows

This blog will take a quick into the addons I am using to replace Genesis  so enjoy guys and would love to read your feedback on 5 alternatives to Genesis for Tv Shows 2016


Afternoon Guys hope you are all well. I have written a similar post in the past just wanted to update it really.


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We all know Genesis well and we all probably use it the most when it come to Movies and Tv Shows but its coming to the end of its life. Read our blog Genesis Rip HERE

Screenshot 2015-11-13 12.05.03

Probably one of the biggest and well Known add-ons in Kodi its a real powerhouse of an add-on and written by one of the nicest and most talented devs in the Kodi Community Lambda.

Genesis seems to of been around forever and i for one are gutted to see the demise of this once Flagship addon.

From the latest Cinema releases to old classics this Add-on has it covered. A particular favorite of mine is the “Channels” section which tells you what Movie is on a well known satellite providers Movie Channels and when clicked on, takes you straight to that Movie without the need to sit through numerous adverts. The Tv Shows section is amazing thousands of shows at a touch of a button.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 12.05.31

The other plus point of genesis was its ability to link various accounts like Real Debrid, Trakt and Idmb to it to keep track of your viewing habits and tv show next aired and great library features.

To get the very best experience out of Genesis i would recommend pairing it up with a premium resolver like Real Debrid you can read my blog on that HERE 

A must have for any device.


These are in no particular order but are all superb alternatives for you.

Project Free Tv.so

This add-on is a great add-on for your tv show needs, it has a very simple interface to use and is packed with content. If I am honest i have always used this more for Tv Show content than Genesis anyway so its definitely worth checking out.

As you can see from below very simple so flashy graphic backgrounds or metadata but the quality of links are great and the addon works fast.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 14.09.51


As you can see from above has simple layout with search to be able to find what you are looking for, currently watching Making a Murderer using this addon which i highly recommend to if you have not started watching it yet,

5 alternatives to Genesis for Tv Shows 2016


As you can see like i said this addon has no bells or whistles buy has lots of content and I know our very Grendel is a massive fan of this addon.


5 alternatives to Genesis for Tv Shows 2016


How to install guide for this addon is HERE.


Entertainment Hub

This is another very popular add-on of mine i have used this since starting out with XBMC/Kodi a couple of years ago its a beast of an add-on and I hold it in as high regard as the likes of Genesis or Phoenix.

It has everything but today will look at the Tv Shows section as this is the subject of this blog.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 12.42.43

As you can see from three pictures below is crammed with features including a great feature called calendar search  allowing you to go back through the weeks and select shoes you have missed

Screenshot 2015-11-13 12.43.16

Its scrapes lots of different internet sites to bring the best links available in all different quilitys  including 1080p with 5.1 sound etc

Screenshot 2015-11-13 12.43.25

one of my personal faves is the 300mb section as these are files compressed to view taking lower bandwidth if your is limited or if you have Kodi on a mobile device and like me limited to 2 gig a moth data allowance.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 12.43.38

i would be very surprised if you did not find what you are looking for in this addon.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 12.45.17

nice compressed 200 mb 720p video of the arrow as shown below.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 12.45.53

like Genesis To get the very best experience out of E Hub  i would recommend pairing it up with a premium resolver like Real Debrid you can read my blog on that HERE 

How to install guide for this addon is HERE.

Stream All The Soures (or SALTS) 

Right Salts is another powerhouse addon like Genesis and is a real alternative with linking with Trackt accounts and real debrid to get the best user experience.

If you’re tired of not being able to find a working stream, SALTS (short for Stream All the Sources) might very well be the answer to your problems. Unlike other add-ons which may only scrape one web site at a time, this add-on scrapes a multitude of content from dozens of sites across the web, giving you a large number of working, high definition sources at your fingertips.

It’s media selection is powered by Trakt.tv – which means tons of titles and different ways of categorizing content based on what people are actually watching. Once you’ve implemented your Trakt.tv account, you’ll want to pay attention to how your “Watchlist” and calendars will automatically populate based on what you’re watching, other public lists such as “Trending” and “Most Popular” also prove to provide good lists of movies and television shows to watch.

The great thing about Salts is library and trackt read our blogs on them HERE and HERE

Screenshot 2015-11-13 13.35.18

As you can see in above photo has loads of sections and the calendar is a great tool.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 13.35.45

It has thousands of shows to choose from hundreds of link sources to the add-on

Screenshot 2015-11-13 13.36.35

Quality of the video depends on the source selected.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 13.37.18


How to install guide for this addon is HERE.



A few weeks ago I broke a story a new addon was in final stages of development well its Here!  Velocity from BlazeTamer has been released overnight Damn you sleep so wanted to be first to use it lol. You can read my blog on the addon HERE.

So whats it all about as predicted its a Movie and Tv Show addon that uses Trakt for the information. Here are some screenshots of the addon and i must say on first impressions i am very impressed. It is excellent for Tv shows.


Screenshot 2016-01-13 09.14.18



Screenshot 2016-01-13 09.14.24


5 alternatives to Genesis for Tv Shows 2016

This addon is superb and i have been using it as a replacement for genesis since its release. Its a one i would defiantly add to you device and its improving all the time as its had a few updates alraedy to improve the workings of the addon. It has Trackt and Real Debrid compatibility.


How to install guide for this addon is HERE.


Watch Tv Series


Install Watch TV Series Addon Kodi

There are no categories or search function which is a real shame and the content is limited at the moment.

Some seasons of the shows listed are missing but it has a massive library of content 1000’s of shows to enjoy.

It does have a lot of content and series are listed in Alphabetical order, i have been very impressed with addon on testing and the quality of the shows are decent.

Some great shows to watch

Install Watch TV Series Addon Kodi

The quality of what i have tested is in decent 720p.

5 alternatives to Genesis for Tv Shows 2016

So that’s the new add-on from mucky duck, I’ve tried and I’m greatly impressed, give it a go yourself and why not pop over to twitter and give the dev a follow and tell him how much you love the add-on click Here to go his twitter feed.


How to install guide for this addon is HERE.




All of the install guides for these add-ons are on our site just type the name of it in the search bar top right there are other great tv show addons i could have covered also worth a look are OCW Reborn, Release Hub, TeeVee, Dubstop,DDL Series,Tv Release, TV4mE, Vidics and Alluc, Titan and Cols as Ice maybe look at covering these another day

Right thanks for reading my blog until next time Peace and enjoy

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