5 Apps to maintain your box

5 Apps to maintain your box

5 Apps to maintain your box

I thought i would write up this quick article for the guys who follow us that run KODI on an android device. Hopefully this will help you keep your device in tip top condition.



This App is for Rooted devices.

As the app says this will remove most of the ads in the browser and other apps.
what it does is Stops requests to host names that are well known in the system host file.

Auto Start


This App Does not need Root access.

What you can do with this app is select which app you want to start on boot-up.
chose one or multiple apps to auto Launch.



This app Does Not need Root access.

This app will allow you to gain more storage space by cleaning up your apps that have created cache/data.
It has the 1-tap to clean function.
very handy if you have Memory issues.

Reboot Manager

reboot manager

This App is for Rooted Devices.

It does what it says on the tin.
It will allow you to.

Normal reboot.
hot reboot.
reboot to recovery.
reboot to bootloader.
power of.

And there a few settings you can tinker around with.

Bionic TCP


This app is for Rooted Devices.

This app will increase the buffer size for Wi-Fi and 3G.

All these Apps you can get from HERE

I hope some of these Apps were useful to somebody.


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