5 Kodi addons recommended for Kids – November 2017


Hi Guys Welcome to BestforKodi.com. In this blog I am taking a look at what I consider as my Top 5 Kids addons. Some of the big all in one addons has amazing Kids sections but for this blog i look at addons purely aimed at the kids.


5 Kodi addons recommended for Kids – November 2017



If your Kids are like mine very much into their tech and gadgets then they have more than likely got a Kodi enabled device of there own. I have three boys and they all have their own devices my eldest who is 15 uses the Nvidia shield  as he is also very much into his gaming and uses GeForce now  which is an amazing feature of this device. What is GeForce now?

GeForce Now, NVIDIA’s truly superb cloud game streaming service 

GeForce is a subscription service but as my son well worth the money which he pays for out of his hard earned pocket money.

Kodi wise he runs Krypton 17.3 as it gives him better remote support for the shield and spmc. He has two builds installed on his device Wookie which he says is Sick (he tells that means good 🙂 and Retromania build as it has all the Emulators build into Kodi for all retro gaming which he loves using.


My middle son who is 11 has a R99 which in my opinion the best android devices if you purely want it for Kodi and is great value for money. I purchased his from the guys at Entertainment BoxIf you are looking for a new device then be sure to check them out. Great value for money and their customer support is second to none.



My youngest boy who is 8 does not have a box in his room he has the mobile option on his Kodi device he owns a GPD Q9 Android Gaming Handheld Console which is an amazing little device which combines gaming packed with emulators and the option of Kodi.

This device is also available from our advertising partner Entertainment Box.



Right on to the addons these are in no particular order but these are the particular addons that my kids use and love so hopefully will give you some ideas and your kids will get the same enjoyment and you will get a few hours piece and quiet whilst they catch up on there fav shows and programs. I am only looking at addons that are purely kids content so ok to have on your kids devices without the worry of them clicking on a film of yours lol.

There are great Kids sections in Bob Unleashed, Uk Turks, Bennu, etc maybe i will blog these another day and they are great to add to builds on Kids section Menus.


Click on the Green Addon names to follow install guides for the addon.

Cartoon Crazy

5 Kodi addons recommended for Kids - November 2017

This has to be the best Kids addon on Kodi right now. Described by the very talented Dev as the Exodus for Kids. It scrapes all the best kids sites across the world wide web to bring all the best cartoons and Anime to your Kodi device. This addon has just been taken over by a new dev team Spinz and renamed Spinz Cartoon Crazy.


Jammed packed with all the latest episodes of all your kids favourites.

Also contains an amazing 24/7 channel section.

Boom Kids

This addon is brand new but already making great strides. This is clummos second addon after the Boom Sports addon. This addon also requires you to use a Pin to use it. This is a very simple process.If you are unsure how to pair an addon via the pin method read our blog HERE

This addon has some great content from learning videos it scrapes from YouTube, This will keep your little ones occupied for a while and learning at the same time.



The addon also has a decent selection of live Kids Channels.



The addon is also building a collection of Kids Movies.


How to install Cartoons 8 kodi addon Repo


This Add-on is a god send for any of you that have kids that love their cartoons and of course for us Big Kids!!

Screenshot 2016-06-13 11.27.25


Its jam packed with thousands of cartoons and Kids Movies and is a must have add-on on anyone’s setup. This is probably the most popular addon used by my boys they all use it as it has something for all ages from Raa Raa the noisy Lion to subbed Anime that my older son is into.



This addon has everything including full length kids movies and very simple to use and navigate with its one click source so not difficult for them to use any any age.


This addon is available from  Goliath repo and if you link on the green Cartoons8 title above it will take you to our simple install guide if you do not have this addon on your device already.


Little Rascals


This is a very basic and easy to use addon from Shepo.

Shepo is probably better known for his amazing Boxing section in Bob Unleased. However this is an addon he made for his kids.

It specializes in your kids favourite YouTubers. The Content is covers Minecraft and Roblox Videos to many other favourites.



As you can see all the big hitters are in the addon so should keep the little ones occupied for a little while so you can get on with your jobs.



Greats such as Stampy Cat, Dan TDM and iBallistic Squid


The great thing about this addon is the fact that its purely build for kids. All content is suitable so an ideal addon to be put into a kids build.

This addon is available from Shepo’s repo and if you link on the green Little Rascals title above it will take you to our simple install guide if you do not have this addon on your device already.


YouTube Kids


YouTube Kid  is a great little Kids  add-on brought to by Team X. Well what can i say about this?.







It also has some great learning tools in this add-on.

This add-on grabs videos from YouTube and put them into one package to save you searching. I am sure this will be a favorite with your little ones ans safe to install on your kids devices if they have one in their room.

This addon is available from Team X repo. If you link on the green YouTube Kids title above it will take you to our simple install guide. If you do not have this addon on your device already.

Any way guys hope you have enjoyed reading this blog until next time all the best Sparky.


5 Kodi addons recommended for Kids – November 2017

Please remember that Best for Kodi offer no streams or control this addon. Please contact the developers of this addon if you have any problems. We offer no support for this addon as we have nothing to do with it. This is a third party addon.Involvement or problems with this addon should be directed towards the developers or playlisters. Ourselves or Kodi offer no support for this addon,

It your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all your regional laws with any streams to be found on the web via Kodi Third party addons.

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5 Kodi addons recommended for Kids - November 2017


5 Kodi addons recommended for Kids - November 2017


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