5 Kodi Addons you Must Have November 2017


This Blog Takes a look at My 5 Must Have Kodi addons November 2017, often asked what my 5 addons would be if i was only allowed to have 5 addons on a device.This is so hard, Well here you go after hours of thought i have finally written them down.

5 Kodi Addons you Must Have November 2017


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Right sorry for the rant back to the job in hand was going to do a quick blog on My 5 Must Have Kodi addons November 2017. These are the FREE addons i would have on my device if i was only allowed to have 5 . Yes this is very hard hard to narrow down to just 5 as we have an amazing selection of addons available to us.

This is my personal opinion and hopefully has a balance of content for all.

Release Hub (Movies and Tv Shows)


The Addon is different to a lot of  the others Movie and Tv addons in how it works.

Release Hub is the best movie add-on in my opinion.

I use this as my first port of call for Current Movies as it will always have them first before any other addon why you ask?

Well it uses the scene release sites the addon scrapes from their download sites. These are not streaming sites hence older links not working as they do not replace dead links. Always the very first addon to get all the new Content.

if you what to read up more on scene releases then please have a read HERE

Screenshot 2016-01-18 11.38.18

My fave sections in the addon are Release BB and Sceper which were both sites i used to read before moving onto the Kodi scene.


This addon works better with Real Debrid or a similar account attached to it for premium hosts read my blog on the benefits of Real Debrid in Kodi HERE

If you have not got Release Hub on your device then follow install guide HERE



Boom (Sports)

Boom has to be one off if not the best Free Sports addon on Kodi. This addon has been around for about 6 months formally The Fixtures Addon.

I know Clummo puts a lot of time and effort into his sports addon. This addon covers all Sports and Events. You will be required to pair this addon with the new pin system to be able to watch the content of this addon. Its very quick, easy and simple to do. Follow our blog HERE if unsure what to do.


It has a great Match Centre for the days sporting events. The content of this addon is scraped via the internet. The great thing about this addon it also raises money for Charity via the revenue gained via adverting and the pin system.


It also has a twenty four hour channel section which is regularly updated with Free content that would not look out of place in a paid subscription addon.


Not Installed it yet? Then follow our simple install guide HERE

Cartoon Crazy (Kids)

This has to be the best Kids addon on Kodi right now. Described by the very talented Dev as the Exodus for Kids. It scrapes all the best kids sites across the world wide web to bring all the best cartoons and Anime to your Kodi device.


Jammed packed with all the latest episodes of all your kids favourites.

Also contains an amazing 24/7 channel section.

Not Installed it yet? Then follow our simple install guide HERE

MP3 Streams (Music)

Guide Install MP3 Streams Kodi Addon Repo

The best Mp3 Album addon for Kodi.Since the demise of Music Box which was by far the best music addon in Kodi this addon has steepped up to the plate to fill the void. This is a very old addon been around since the beginning. It has been updated and take over from the previous devs at TvAddons.

Packed with all the albums you need to stream to your Kodi Device.

This addon has a great Compilation section with all the latest Now Albums and dance albums.

Lots of classic albums to enjoy as well, it also includes the latest UK top 100 Chart.

This add-on is great it has lots of music content and iwas brought to you orginally by KINKIN this add-on has been around for years and recently under went an update to get it working again. Thanks to qahanik and the noobs and nerds team.

Not Installed it yet? Then follow our simple install guide HERE


Not Installed it yet? Then follow our simple install guide HERE

Maverick (Everything)




Still one of my Favourite Kodi addons and a must have on anyone’s device. This addon has something for everyone. The addon is set out great in sections as below.

Maverick does a great job of keeping this addon upto date he is a one man machine if you are new to the kodi scene you have to install this addon to your device today.

It Includes a great Sports section for live match links



Movie section is packed with old and new movies.


Amazing Music Sections and Even has a liveweb cam section.


Not Installed it yet? Then follow our simple install guide HERE


So that’s it for today guys hope you have enjoyed reading my Top 5 addons currently, why not drop me a tweet and tell me what your Top 5 are!! HERE

Read our Blog on Top 5 Addons for Kids HERE

Read our Top 10 Movie Addon Blog HERE

Some other Amazing Addons just outside my top 5. The Pyramid, Bob, Rising Tides, Posideon be sure to check these out to.

Well guys until next time happy viewing i hope you enjoyed reading this blog all the best Sparky.

5 Kodi Addons you Must Have November 2017

Please remember that Best for Kodi offer no streams or control this addon. Please contact the developers of this addon if you have any problems. We offer no support for this addon as we have nothing to do with it. This is a third party addon and involvement or problems with this addon should be directed towards the developers or playlisters. Ourselves or Kodi offer no support for this addon,

It your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all your regional laws with any streams to be found on the web via Kodi Third party addons.

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