5 Movie Addons you must have on 12/11/15

5 Movie Addons you must have on 12/11/15

5 Movie Addons you must have on 12/11/15

Afternoon Guys hope you are all well and enjoying our journey as a brand new Website in the Kodi World. Firstly can i thank you all for your support so far, the feedback that we getting from some of you is amazing and makes it all worth while. Please bare in mind that this site is non of our full time jobs we do in our spare time to help you guys out and we are Kodi users too.

We are still looking for writers for the site to help us build BFK as a brand and build the following if you are interested in joining our team drop me a tweet and we will have a chat.

Right to the job in Hand lets set the scene. Lights dimmed ,Ice cold beers at the ready and some freshly popped pop corn, the pick a mix over flowing the crammed container. its time to snuggle up with your partner on the sofa and watch the very latest Blockbuster release on your TV.

So what are the Best Movie add-ons to get the best Movie experience on your Kodi device.

These add-ons on the list are in no particular order as they all offer superb content and these are my personal 5 favorites you may use others but these have never let me down. We are spoilt for choice on the great movie add-ons so very hard just to highlight just 5.


  1. Genesis

Probably one of the biggest and well Known add-ons in Kodi its a real powerhouse of an add-on and written by one of the nicest and most talented devs in the Kodi Community Lambda.

Genesis seems to of been around forever and showing no signs of losing it appeal.

From the latest Cinema releases to old classics this Add-on has it covered. A particular favorite of mine is the “Channels” section which tells you what Movie is on a well known satellite providers Movie Channels and when clicked on, takes you straight to that Movie without the need to sit through numerous adverts.

Another plus point is the ability to link various accounts like Real Debrid, Trakt and Idmb to it to keep track of your viewing habits and tv show next aired and great library features.

To get the very best experience out of Genesis i would recommend pairing it up with a premium resolver like Real Debrid you can read my blog on that HERE 

A must have for any device.

Screenshot 2015-11-12 09.40.35



Screenshot 2015-11-12 09.40.50



Screenshot 2015-11-12 09.41.17

Sometimes on the latest movie you will get a no source message even though its listed this means that a copy of this movie is not available yet as it pulls movie info from another site. This addon is crammed packed with links to the biggest database of host websites and the preference of these sites can be adjusted in settings so you can adjust the search results to suit you.

I have personally tweaked all my HD Hosts in genesis addon settings for each of my devices and i will try and blog about this at a later date.

Not got it on your device? use our install guide HERE

2. Phoenix 

People think this add-on has been around for years but its only over a year old. Phoenix took flight when it rose from the Ashes to fill the gap left with the shock closure of Mash Up.

Others promised as a new replacement but it was all talk, lucky these guys stepped up to the plate and if i am brutality honest i think Phoenix is a better all round add-on than Mash Up was.

This add-on has a great mix of Movies,  Rockcrusher, Staael2014 and very good friend of mine Blue Phoenix kill it on the Movie front with play lists covering pretty much all Genres and age groups.

Screenshot 2015-11-12 12.07.47


The picture above shows all the sections in the Phoenix addon.


Screenshot 2015-11-12 12.08.04


My wife loves Blues section and uses it all the time they must have similar tastes and she especially likes the blues faves section of her playlist.


Screenshot 2015-11-12 12.08.45


One242415 section is also loaded with great content and i particularly like the Man Cave section and Christmas movies section and the new Charles Bronson section. It also have a Disney section for the kids to enjoy with all the classics.


Screenshot 2015-11-12 12.09.04


Rockcrushers section is were you want to be for the current movies in HD quality its packed with the best available quality movies.


Screenshot 2015-11-12 12.09.24


Staaels section is also packed with movie links and has a great boxset section if you want to watch a whole collection of particular Movie.


Screenshot 2015-11-12 12.09.35

Lastly TNPB, Leons section has movies as well. He also have a great kids movie section and i like the HOT 30 section as you can see what everyone else is watching making easier for you to decide on a movie choice off a shorter list.

Not got it on your device? use our install guide HERE

3.Mutts Nutts

Well what can i say about the Mutts Nutts that has not already be said before Jason the dev for this add-on has done a superb job with this addon and its so easy to use even for a Kodi novice i always recommend it to new Kodi users. It has the top movies at the best quality available at the time and just a click of a button away in a resolution to suit you. It will be interesting to see if this add-on grows. The one thing that i like the most about it is its very fast in loading the content none of this waiting around when clicking on a category like in genesis or istream.

Screenshot 2015-10-20 23.29.05

another great feature is the option to play a trailer or adding to library by right clicking mouse or press menu button on your remote. This is such a simple idea but it gives the addon that little extra that other lack.

Screenshot 2015-10-20 23.29.55

If you have not installed The Mutts Nutts on your device then why not! follow our install guide HERE

4. Movie Hut

This addon is brand new from MetalKettle only released at the tail end of last week.

This add-on will be a favorite with all you all and is absolutely packed with movie content. The database is massive, its packed with great movies new and old and seems a very good source website.

Screenshot 2015-11-09 16.40.24

They are all broken down into sections like in above photo make it easier for you to find what they are looking for.

Screenshot 2015-11-09 16.40.48


Lot’s of classic movies to watch and enjoy with one of the largest back catalog’s of movies i have seen from addon bar genesis.


Screenshot 2015-11-09 16.43.01


It also has all the latest movie for you to enjoy.


Screenshot 2015-11-09 16.50.01


If you have not got Movie Hut on your device then follow install guide HERE


5. Release Hub

Right the last movie addon that i am going to highlight in this blog is Release Hub it is different to all the others in how it works.

Release Hub is the best movie add-on in my opinion as you can see i rated it number 2 in my Top 5 addons in Kodi list, read blog HERE 

I use this as my first port of call for Current Movies as it will always have them first before any other addon why you ask?

Well it uses the scene release sites the addon streams from their download sites these are not streaming sites hence older links not working as they do not replace dead links.

if you what to read up more on scene releases then please have a read HERE

My fave sections in the addon are Release BB and Sceper which were both sites i used to read before moving onto the Kodi scene.

Screenshot 2015-11-12 14.07.57


As you can see great search results below on Release BB


Screenshot 2015-11-12 14.08.18


Below a screen shot of the first page of the Sceper section.


Screenshot 2015-11-12 14.08.53


This addon works better with Real Debrid or a similar account attached to it for premium hosts read my blog on the benefits of Real Debrid in Kodi HERE

If you have not got Release Hub on your device then follow install guide HERE

Hope you guys have enjoyed reading this blog and Thanks again for all your kind words of support for the site. As i said at the very beginning of the blog we are blessed with loads of great Movie content with Kodi and was very difficult just to pick 5 . Add-ons such as Online Movies Pro, E Hub, Hulubox, Latest Dude, More Power and view are also superb so check out there install guides as well.

Why not check out my blog on top 5 new addons to install on your kodi device HERE





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