5 Music Addons Kodi you must Have.

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Often overlooked in Kodi as we scramble to watch the latest Blockbusters or Sports streams. This blog if like me you love Music will hopefully help you find the latest tunes. I take a look at 5 Music Addons Kodi you must Have. This of course is my opinion hopefully a few readers will suggest others via our twitter feed.


Good Morning Guys and Gals hope you all had a great Easter break. If like me you are in the UK your little ones are on school holidays for a few weeks and are keeping you very busy. Today I am going to take a look at a few music addons for your chill time once they are all in bed and you have your device back lol.

Music addons always seem to get overlooked in Kodi there are not that many good ones if i am honest. But in this blog i will take a look at 5 that i could not do without on my Media Centre.

I will not list in any particular order as they are all great addons.

5 Music Addons Kodi you must Have.

MP3 Streams

MP3 Streams is an amazing Music addon which has been around for years and is still updated regularly by the dev KINKIN this is another must have music addon for your media centre.

Screenshot 2016-04-09 05.57.52


This addon also allows you to download content to device or connected Network drive or device memory which is a handy feature. It also has a great feature that you can add albums to a Favourites folder in the addon and you can then make and mix your own playlists which is great if you are having a party. Be your very own DJ.


Screenshot 2016-04-09 05.57.58

The addon is packed with all the latest albums for you to enjoy.

If you have not got this addon installed on your device get it added today by following our guide HERE



Music Box

Musicbox is the best music addon in kodi in my eyes have been using since its release 2 years ago. If you like Music this addon has it all.

Music Box is my number 1 addon in Kodi it has nothing to do with Tv, Movies or Sports mine is a Music add-on. Not any old music add-on but the best music add-on Kodi. I use this addon all the time. You have to get this addon device today or you are missing out big time.

Music box is superb all you have to do is sign up to a free account at VK.COM enter your details into the add-on settings and away you go. Its basically like a free Spotify Premium. 

Best Kodi Addons 2016 part 2

It links to Digster, 8Tracks and a few other of the big music sites for its content.

It has loads of features as you can see by the above photo but my personal favorite is the ITunes Chart by Country which lists all the albums currently in the chart all ready for you to play instantly.

Best Kodi Addons 2016 part 2

It also have a great Movie soundtrack section as well if that’s the type of Music that you are into. It has all the latest Blockbuster soundtracks for you to enjoy under the What Song section of the addon.

Screenshot 2016-04-09 06.06.36



Screenshot 2016-04-09 06.06.08

This addon also allows you to download content to device or connected Network drive which is a handy feature. I use this addon on a daily basis as always have to have background music on whilst working.

If you have not got this addon installed on your device get it added today by following our guide HERE


Rave Player

Rave Player is another Music Addon that has been around for years and if like me you like your Old Skool tunes then this is a must have addon. Tommy does a great job with keeping this addon updated, i am sure this was one of his very first addons and has been around for 3 years or more.

Its packed with all the bangin Rave Tunes!! particularly love the Mix tapes and Dj Sets section of this amazing music addon.

Screenshot 2016-04-09 06.26.15


As you can see it has some quality Rave Tunes for you to enjoy.


Screenshot 2016-04-09 06.26.22

This addon will keep you entertained for hours it has so much content it’s unreal.

It also has a Podcast section and also live Radio stations for you to listen to both audio and even video radio stations.

Screenshot 2016-04-09 06.35.05


Most of the best DJ’s are covered in the addon from Jungle, House and Garage sets if this is the genre’s of music you like you have to get this installed.


Screenshot 2016-04-09 06.31.22


Screenshot 2016-04-09 06.31.59


If you have not got this addon installed on your device get it added today by following our guide HERE



Check out this Mega Music Add on Kodi Jango. Its quite a newish addon as music addons go been around since November last year and seems to be being kept updated regularly.

With this Add on it will give you Music from Jango.com database. You can play music from all of your favorite artists.

Kodi Jango add-onJango.com is an internet radio streaming website, it has so many stations its unreal.
You can look through a ton of playlists from top 100 to different genres, themes, seasons, feelings, and more.

Screenshot 2015-10-31 22.26.07

In addition, you can search for a specific artist and start a “station”with that artist. As well, if you search for an individual song, you will have the option to play the music video for that song!

Unlike other music add-ons, which provide a music database and then queue up songs from YouTube, the Kodi Jango add-on connects right to the Jango server. songs will play nearly instant and the quality is perfect.

You should never get any sped up or slowed down version that users upload to Youtube.


To get around their copyright rules. If you register for an account at jango.com, your history and favorites will sync to the Kodi Jango add-on! There are also mobile apps for Jango which will let you play music for free from your phone.

I do think the Kodi Jango add-on is what we have needed. If you are interested in the Kodi Jango add-on and you would be mad not to be, follow the guide below.

Screenshot 2015-10-31 22.27.09



If you have not got this addon installed on your device get it added today by following our guide HERE


The Music Source

Right guys the last but no means least is another newish addon this is another well put together and looked after music addon. This is another packed and very well designed addon which has something for everyone. The latest charts to live radio stations and Music Iptv Channels and even a Music Quiz section to test your knowledge. New sections are being added all the time.

5 Music Addons Kodi you must Have.


The Music Source is a great new Music add-on it includes audio and video content.

  • Live UK & World Radio.
  • Pirate Radio recordings.
  • UK Top 20 Chart.
  • BBC Live Lounge.
  • Music Concerts.
  • MP3 streams.
  • A great selection of IPTV Music Channels.
  • DJ Mixes and charts.
  • Old skool bangers.


5 Music Addons Kodi you must Have.


This addon probably has the best selection of live IPTV Music channels in Kodi to many to list on here so you can explore them once you have installed this addon on your device. Just a word of warning this addon also has an AceStream section with more channels in it. If you use Acestream links I always recommend using a VPN on your device as these links are P2P and use torrents.

If you are unsure of what a VPN is an the benefits of it use our search feature on our site and type VPN and it will bring up all the blogs on this subject for you to read up on at your leisure.

Screenshot 2016-04-09 07.08.06



5 Music Addons Kodi you must Have.

This addon is great for Music videos and is my go to addon for these at the moment.

If you have not got this addon installed on your device get it added today by following our guide HERE

5 Music Addons Kodi you must Have.


Thanks for reading guys hope this blog helps you out to install some great music addons on your devices.

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The BFK Brand is growing daily so thanks for taking time out to read my blogs.





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