5 New Kodi addons you must have on your device 9/11/2015

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5 New Kodi addons you must have on your device 9/11/2015

Good afternoon guys its a bit of a slow news day after a very busy weekend so i thought i would write up a blog on the 5 best new addons on the Kodi Scene.

As you well know add-ons can come and go so quickly in Kodi so enjoy them whilst you can. This week has been no exception to this. We said a quick goodbye to UkTvNow and BadAssMovies click on green links to read there blogs.

I am also waiting for the dev of Project Cypher to reply to me as that seems to have been offline for a little while with no updates or messages posted on his facebook page. This would have made it into my top 5 new comers as it also made it into my top 5 addons of all time. With it being down i am gutted to say the least. Fingers crossed its only a minor blip and it will be back up and running as soon as possible.


  1. Operation Robocop

Operation Robocop addon

This has to be the very best of the new addons on the scene right now if you love Premier League Football then this is the add-on for you it streams every game in quality 720p. I use this add-on all the time and i cant get over the quality of this. A big shout out to the dev for his hard work. Read my install guide for Robocop HERE

If you don’t have this on your device where have you been?

Screenshots below


ensure you follow us for the latest updates on this add-on, if you have previous versions of this add-on or repos uninstall before installing new one.

Screenshot 2015-10-31 21.53.09

Screenshot 2015-10-31 21.53.40

2. Dexter iptv 

dextertv iptv kodi


Well what can i say about Dexter? Wow that’s it just Wow!

Running Robocop a very close 2nd it was so so close!

I have really enjoyed using this addon of late the streams are amazing including HD on a great selection of channels to read my install guide for Dexter please click HERE

You can see from the screen shots below that the quality is amazing and the addon has other great content.

Screenshot 2015-11-07 19.34.38


Plenty of Sports links but it also has other S#y Tv channels.


Screenshot 2015-11-07 19.34.25


720p quailty on most of the sports channels


Screenshot 2015-11-07 19.02.27

3.Latest Dude


This is a very new add-on only been available for the last couple of days but it has grown in those few days already had 3 updates to improve it, it also has Real Debrid capabilities for those of you that use it so that’s an added bonus. To read my install guide for this add-on please click HERE 

Screenshot 2015-11-05 22.15.47



Screenshot 2015-11-05 22.16.00


Great links in different quality’s which will help you if you have limited bandwidth or watching on a smaller device and dont need 720p/1080p


Screenshot 2015-11-05 22.17.38


This addon is definitely one to watch as it grows you can even request a movie.

If you would like to request a movie on LatestDude go to there web site & send a request  HERE


4. Hulubox Movies


This is a brand new movies add-on from MetalKettle its only been out a couple of days and i have been very busy testing it, Its absolutely superb and well worth adding to your device today. Please read my install guide  HERE. If you are having issues with genesis then this could be the answer for you. great one click movies at your finger tip.

Screenshot 2015-11-07 15.05.39


Put in Genres so easy to find movies based on you mood and viewing habits


Screenshot 2015-11-07 15.06.01


All the latest blockbusters in the best available quality at that time, they also seem to be updated on a regular basis.


Screenshot 2015-11-07 15.07.08


5. Zeus

5 New Kodi addons

Zeus is not really a new addon as such but it has made a comeback in a big way. After closing in Controversial fashion a little while ago it has been relaunched with a new dev team looking after it. Its good to have it back as it is a good addon. My install guide can be read HERE.

as you can see below it has some great options for you to enjoy.

5 New Kodi addons


Great selection of sports channels from around the world with all the big hitters.


5 New Kodi addons


Decent streams some in HD and some in 576p which is very watchable.


New Kodi addons


It also has great options for kids tv channels.


New Kodi addons


Right guys that’s it for today hope you have enjoyed reading and our guides help you out installing the best third party add-ons on your Kodi Device.

Until the next time

peace Sparky


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