5 new Kodi Addons you must have on your device 28/01/16

5 new Kodi Addons

Are you looking for the must have Addons. Check out these 5 New Kodi addons you must have.

5 new Kodi Addons you must have on your device 28/01/16.


Good afternoon  guys and gals with Christmas well out of the way and already a distant memory ,  i thought i would write up a blog on the 5 New Kodi Must Have Addons on the Scene as of 28/01/2016.


This is a follow up blog to my previous one’s HERE which has been read by over 150000 people.Thanks for all the support and Hope you are all still enjoying reading our site. We are still looking for new team members to join our team and i am particularly looking for an Amazon device specialist to blog all thing Stick and Fire. So if interested drop me a line via our twitter account. 


As you well know add-ons can come and go so quickly in Kodi so enjoy them whilst you can. This week has been no exception the sad news that The Robocop Dev is stepping away from the scene for personal reasons. What does this mean for the addon itself? We don’t know as yet. Will someone else step up to the plate and take it over? Or will it just disappear for good from our devises. Lets hope not as he has put so much work and time into this superb addon. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his hard work and dedication.

There is still no sign of a return for Zeus.  Zeus has disappeared again all be it temporary whilst they find new hosts but this has been ongoing since beginning of December.

Right to the main reason for this blog was to look at new addons that have hit the scene this Month that we think you should have on your devices. These will range from Tv or Movie addons to iptv addons.

I will try and write one of these blogs every few months. All of the addons will feature on our site with install guides. These addons may go as quick as they come so go tweeting me 10 months down the line saying this or that don’t work. Please read the date of the blog.




A few weeks ago I broke a story a new addon was in final stages of development well its Here!  Velocity from BlazeTamer has been released overnight Damn you sleep so wanted to be first to use it lol. You can read my blog on the addon HERE.

So whats it all about as predicted its a Movie and Tv Show addon that uses Trakt for the information. Here are some screenshots of the addon and i must say on first impressions i am very impressed.


Screenshot 2016-01-13 09.14.18



Screenshot 2016-01-13 09.14.24



Screenshot 2016-01-13 09.14.34


This addon is superb and i have been using it as a replacement for genesis since its release. Its a one i would defiantly add to you device and its improving all the time as its had a few updates alraedy to improve the workings of the addon. It has Trackt and Real Debrid compatibility.


How to install guide for this addon is HERE.


Cold as Ice


This addon only released this yesterday so i have had a chance to test and i must say that i am very impressed with the amount of content in it. Its very rough around the edges currently but from speaking to a few people about it their is an update coming very soon which will include a search function which will make it lot easier to navigate and locate what you want to watch. Would be great if Metadata to be added so we have poster art and backgrounds. But like i said it is an amazing playlist with movies and tv shows for all of the family.

I believe the addon is run by a former Navi X playlister and the addon was built by MetalKettle for him.

Install Cold as Ice Kodi Addon


Movies, Tv Shows and boxsets are in sections but once in each section there seems to be no order just hundreds of movies and shows to scroll through.


Install Cold as Ice Kodi Addon


All the latest Blockbusters and a lot of older stuff is available at the click of the button no scrolling through sources which is great.


Install Cold as Ice Kodi Addon


The latest tv shows are included to and the quality of the video is decent.


How to install guide for this addon is HERE.




This addon was released yesterday and i spent the day looking it over and enjoying it content it has three sections to the addon as in picture below.

Screenshot 2016-01-28 10.59.01-min

It is packed with great movies and Tv Shows within these three lists so will have a look at them now.

Featured Movies in a small section of selected movies the screenshot below currently shows a few of the movies in this section currently.

Screenshot 2016-01-28 10.59.38-min

The Hi Fi Lists is the next section and this is massive it has Movies, Tv Shows and Documentaries

Screenshot 2016-01-28 10.59.57-min

The movie section has very old movies from 1920 right up to the modern day.

Screenshot 2016-01-28 11.00.28-min

The last section is also huge its called M&M’s Awesome Tv Stuff and its crammed full with various lists and great content from Family Hits to 3d

Screenshot 2016-01-28 11.04.49-min


How to install guide for this addon is HERE.


Halow Tv

Not technically a new addon as such but one that has had a major rebirth over the last month, the dev has implemented new servers and he has really worked hard on getting quality content to the addon which over the last weeks included quality Sports streams. If you are on twitter you will see lots of people tweeting him saying how good the streams are, so why not give it a go.

5 new Kodi Addons



5 new Kodi Addons



5 new Kodi Addons


I have used the addon a lot over the last couple of weeks and it has been very reliable and he gives his followers great support on twitter.



5 new Kodi Addons



5 new Kodi Addons


How to install guide for this addon is HERE.



Up Buzz. So Whats it all about?

We will take a quick look at it and run you through what it contains.

Movies and Tv Shows ! and in great quality too. All from the UpBuzz website. This is a great little add-on and another one worth having on your device. It is still in beta but i have tested it and its a great addon.

Install UpBuzz addon Kodi

Real debrid is becoming very popular in Kodi and i have done various blogs about it. one such blog can be read HERE and how one of these accounts can benefit you and your kodi experience.

5 new Kodi Addons


Some great quality content including the new x files


Install UpBuzz addon Kodi



Install UpBuzz addon Kodi

I also found this weeks Royal Rumble in there for you to enjoy

Install UpBuzz addon Kodi




Install UpBuzz addon Kodi


How to install guide for this addon is HERE.


Right guys that’s it for today hope you have enjoyed reading and our guides help you out installing the best third party add-ons on your Kodi Device. Guys be sure to keep an eye out on our twitter feed as we have a great competition coming up in February so watch this space.

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