5 Serious alternatives to Exodus on your Kodi Setup

5 Serious alternatives to Exodus on your Kodi Setup

Good Afternoon Guys and Girls This blog takes a look at 5 Serious alternatives to Exodus. My twitter feed is full of people moaning about Exodus, In this blog i take a look at 5 other addon options you can use instead.


5 Serious alternatives to Exodus on your Kodi Setup

Exodus has to be my favourite third party kodi addon of all time.

Its my go to addon for anything Movie or Tv Show related. The addon was orignally coded by Lambda the same TvAddons dev that brought us Genesis back in the day.

However Lambda decided to hang up his coding boots recently. My Blog on this can be read HERE If you missed it.

The addon is now maintained by the community, and not available from the usual source.

There have been a few updates since Lambda retirement in February adding some great new features.


An article on what happened to TvAddons can be read HERE

5 Serious alternatives to Exodus on your Kodi Setup


Of late i am getting 1000’s of messages of people having issues with Exodus since the demise of TvAddons we have blogged a few fixes for some known issues.

These can be read HERE No Streams Fix.

and HERE Time out Fix.

But a lot of them are due to 2 main issues

  1.  ISP related issues as alot of the sites it uses to scrape content from could be being blocked by your internet service provider. Have a read of our blog on this subject HERE
  2. Version of Kodi you are using on device. Due to sites changing protocols, the Python used in older versions of Kodi ie:-16.1 is no longer compatible.

Both the above issues are causing the issue of very limited sources being pulled up by the addon. There are a few ways round these issues


I still use Exodus myself on a daily basis on all my devices running 17.3 Kodi without issues. If anything its running better than it ever has for me.


I team my setup up with Real Debrid which i feel is a must these days. I have been using it for over 3 years now. Read my blog on the benefits of Real Debrid HERE

You will get hundreds more source options available to you when you do your search.

Real Debrid is so easy to setup on your device HERE

Real Debrid is used in a lot of addons these days so now is a great time to give in a try.

Another option to get around site blocking is the use of a VPN. Check out our recommendations for this HERE.

We offer no support on Addons.

Important as well remember third party addons are coded, updated and built as someone hobby. These people also have family and lifes of their own. Updates and fixes will be done when they have spare time. if an addon is not working use another allowing the dev time to fix issues.

Please remember third party addons are nothing to do with Kodi.tv and they should not be contacted for support.

BUT WHY THE PANIC? There are Alternatives 

5 Serious alternatives to Exodus on your Kodi Setup


Within Third party Kodi we are so luckily blessed with hundreds of Movie and Tv Show addons all of which could make it into this blog as an alternative.

It was such a hard decision to get down to just 5!!

I also wanted to blog addons that are very similar to navigate and the way they work.

Whilst I am blogging this a big thanks to all the devs for what they do.

Why not also read our blog on great addons for 4K Movies HERE

These are my  top five alternatives.. You may use and like other’s this is just my opinion and hopefully will help you out.

Elysium (Formally Zen)

It started its life as an Exodus Fork but the devs has done so much work to Elysium over the last few months to improve it. This is an amazing addon in its own right now. I use it quite a lot on my devices and it certainly matches Exodus pound for pound. To me is just seems to be quicker and sleeker than Exodus.

The addon is found in the Noobs and Nerds repo if you dont have on your device already follow the guide to install HERE

It also offers premium functions such as RD integration and other premium content providers.




Gaia is the new kid on the block formally known as Bubbles. But what an addon! Its available through Github source our install guide can be followed HERE.

Gaia  uses a combination of sources from torrents to Usenet to provide a large amount of sources. The addon will work better with premium host products such as All Debrid, Premiumize and Real Debrid.

Some very bold claims from the dev KodiFreak in that his addon will be better than Exodus.

I have used it alot over the last few weeks and it certainly does a job, its very quick and I have had no issues with it.





Another superb Movie addon this time from the Blamo repo. This is a new ish addon and recently forked by Afterbirth from the retired Exodus.




This addon is very easy to navigate. Works the same as Exodus but much faster.

It has loads of old and new movies for you to enjoy all in HD quality.


If you have not got Plancenta on your device then follow install guide HERE



The Pyramid is an amazing all in one addon but it extra amazing for Movies and Tv Shows. Very quick to get new releases and has a brilliant Catchup Tv Section.



Not got this addon installed? Follow our simple guide HERE

Bob Unleashed

Right last but no means least is Bob Unleashed. Another amazing addon this a great option for Movies and Tv Shows. It also has other content as unlike the others this also have playlisters and Sports content. For the purpose of this blog I am only looking at Movies and Tv Show options.

The addon has two dedicated sections New Releases and Amazing Tv. It also has the personal Lister pages which have even more content in them.

If you dont have Bob Installed on your device yet follow my blog HERE

The only downside to Bob to me is the speed that the addon searches for the links. Whatever device i use it seems to take an age. But its worth the wait as quality is superb.







Like I said earlier in the blog these are my personal favourites that i use as an alternative to Exodus. But there are hundreds of amazing addons that will do the job for you when it come to Movies and Tv Shows.

I have listed a few more below that could have made this list. If you have the chance to have a look at them as well.



Monster Munch

Neptunes Rising



Strictly HD

Release Hub

Anyway Guys thanks for taking the time out to read our blogs and I hope this one helps you out if you are one of the people having issues with Exodus.


BestForKodi does not endorse any of the services on offer from these developer’s. 

This blog is purely for information purposes what you do with this information is up to you.

BestForKodi is not responsible for the copyright, legality of content streamed your device. If in doubt, do not use.


Some other Cartoon/Anime addons to try click HERE


Do not contact Kodi.tv as this is a third party addon. Remember you add these addons at your own risk. Read our full disclaimer on our Home page.

Big Thanks to the Dev for producing this addon and I am sure a lot of you will make use of it.


5 Serious alternatives to Exodus on your Kodi Setup


Please remember that Best for Kodi offer no streams or control this addon. We are primarily a Third party Addon News site. What you choose to do with this information if up to you.

Please contact the developers of this addon if you have any problems. We offer no support for this addon as we have nothing to do with it. This is a third party addon!!!

Ourselves or Kodi offer no support for this addon,

It your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all your regional laws with any streams to be found on the web via Kodi Third party addons!!

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5 Serious alternatives to Exodus on your Kodi Setup

5 Serious alternatives to Exodus on your Kodi Setup