A look at mega search addon by Pipcan

 A look at mega search addon by Pipcan

A look at mega search addon by Pipcan

A look at mega search addon by Pipcan

Mega Search is a an add-on that you can  search for literally  anything from movies, videos, documentaries, IPTV, cartoons, music etc. if you look at the pictures  below you can see the list of categories you to choose from:



  • for the purpose of this post i have chosen the movies section to show you what you can do with this addon


  • when you click on a movies this brings up a list you can use for search



  • i used navi x for this demo once you click on your chosen search tool this brings up a search box, as you can see i used star wars as my search option


  • this will then bring up a list of results for you to try


just a quick reminder if you have not got the pipcan repo installed to be able to use this addon just follow below.

first you need to download the repo from here

  • then in kodi go to system
  • then to addons
  • then install from zip
  • and locate where you saved the zip file
  • and select repository.pipcan.1.0.2.zip
  • wait for notification of repository has been loaded

If you have installed or already have Pipcans repo installed just follow below

  • Select Get Add-Ons or Install from Repository
  • Select Pipcans Repo
  • Select Video Add-ons
  • Select Mega Search
  • Select Install
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification

This addon is also great for searching iptv links in pastebin , you can then add these links to your kodi favorites. I found a few hidden gems of which i have added to my devices tv guides.

Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial, it was short but sweet, but that’s all that was needed. Have an explore around this addon and see what you can find and don’t forget to tweet us an tell us about the hidden gems you have found.



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