A look inside Pipcan Repository


A look inside Pipcan Repository

I recently learnt about pipcan’s repo and had to do a post about it, this repo is great for peeps looking to getting in to creating their own add-on, it has some add ons that you can edit the xml etc and change it to how u want it to look, there is a 4k add-on that the dev is  going to restart and get going again.


so lets look at the pipcan repo.

first you need to download the repo from here

  • then in kodi go to system

home settings

  • then to addons

settings addon

  • then install from zip

settings install

  • and locate where you saved the zip file
  • and select repository.pipcan.1.0.2.zip



settings install 4

  • wait for notification of repoistory has been loaded

settings install 5

  • the repo will then be available in install from repository

settings install 7

  • heres a quick look at whats in the repository

settings install 8


settings install 9

why not have a look at this repo, she what other goodies are in here, i’m going to have a look through myself and do some posts on them, so keep an eye out for them.

last but not least a big shout out to pipcan and all the work he puts in, why not head over to his Facebook page click here and see what else he does or check out his website click here




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