A Sneaky Peak at The Warlock Build Krypton – Kodi 17.6




Good Evening Guys and Girls in this blog we take a  look at the Warlock Build for Krypton which i installed on a Fresh install of Kodi 17.6. What does it offer? Whats our thoughts on it? Have a read and follow the simple install guide to get the build wizard installed and the build up and running on your device in a matter of minutes.

A Sneaky Peak at The Warlock Build Krypton – Kodi 17.6


Good Evening Guys and Girls hope you are well! In this blog we take a look at The Warlock build at time of blogging version 2.04 available for Kodi Krypton. This build is available through the wizard URL below.

So the Warlock team where having a field day on our twitter today and getting lots of positive feedback from a tweet we re tweeted so I thought i would take a look, This blog will give you our thoughts on it.

Are the positives comments justified?

So lets get the Builds wizard installed and the build up and running.


  • Kodi 17+Install Guide

    HOME Screen – Add-ons – Settings button (Cog icon) – Enable Unknown Sources.
    HOME screen – File Manager (folder icon) – Add Source
    Enter  http://warlockmedia.eu/warlockrepo/  in the top box – Enter WAR in the bottom box-OK.
    HOME screen – Add-Ons – Add-on Browser (box icon).
    Install from zip file – WAR

    Select repository.WarlockRepo.x.x.zip

    Wait for Add-on enabled notification.

  • Install from repository –WarlockMedia Repo – Program add-ons – Warlock Wizard addon – Install.
    Wait for Add-on enabled notification.The Add-on can now be located from HOME screen – Program Add-Ons – Warlock Wizard
This will be the screen you will be greeted with first


Just Scroll down and select fresh install to install the build.


This build is built on Xonfluence Skin which seems to be a very popular skin with builders. I guess as it very easy to Mod and build on and its very simple and easy for the user to navigate and use.

The build comes in at a 98MB. The Build took a little while longer than the last build I reviewed Satanic even though the build was half the size. However was still downloaded and installed in less than a few minutes on my connection.

So what do we get with this build? This build has links to most big named addons with menus and sections for the whole family.It also has widgets for most menus which i like but can make the menu with the background image as well very busy.

It boasts 12 main menu sections which will show you below in the screenshots,each comes with between 5/7 submenu options. The build come with only a few addons installed at the offset. You then get the option to install a certain addon when you click on a menu bar option. The advantages of this is it keeps the build size down to a minimum hence the 98mb, It also allows you to install the addons that you want to use. Legally a good option as well.


When you open Kodi after install you will be greeted by the Warlock section which hosts all wizard and settings and installers.

The Movie section will have you covered, some of the best addons.


The Tv Show section also has a great selection of addons as shown below. With a Widget straight to the show in question.


The Sports section has a decent selection of the Free Sports addons and should have you covered for the sporting events. (So up to date includes an addon that only got released last night) This is one of two sports sections in the build this geared more towards Live Sports.


The Kids are also covered in this build from Cartoons to Anime to Movies it has a great selection including Warlocks very own addon Moo’s Place.


The Documentary section is packed with loads of addons giving you the best content.



The Live and on Demand section, brings a great selection of Live Tv Options to your device.



Yes a Music Section! Missing from the last build i reviewed a great section with plenty of options for you.



Even has a Man Cave section including a BBQ Addon! Whats not to like about this?


As stated before here is the second Sports Menu this is more for the On Demand and Replays  and covers all sports.

Youtube Addon even has its own menu



So Overall What are my thoughts?



Nice Simple Build, Easy to Navigate, Seems to updated very regular, Decent Install Time just over 2 mins.Only Installs the addons that you want to use when clicking on a menu item.



Some screens look a bit much with widgets and backgrounds (Less is More), Some of the colours around boxes in certain addons looks a bit garish .

A few of my favourite addons missing from the build (which is easily rectified by following our guides and installing)

I did have an issue with Uranus installing when clicking on the tab luckily i know how to solve the issue as i wrote a blog on it HERE but not all users will know how to sort. Must mean there is an out of date repo in the build somewhere as thats what causes this dependencies issue.

A Sneaky Peak at The Warlock Build Krypton – Kodi 17.6


BestForKodi does not endorse any of the services on offer from this developer. 

This blog is purely for information purposes what you do with this information is up to you.


Overall i very well put together build which decent background images but can be a bit much to look at in certain sections. Works well and no dead sections at time of blogging.

I know the Warlock a has a decent following and i am sure he will have more after this blog.

Hope this blog helps you decide if this is the build for you.


Builders if you want us to highlight your build why not drop us a tweet and will do our best to get it featured on our site.


A Sneaky Peak at The Warlock Build Krypton – Kodi 17.6

Please remember that Best for Kodi offer no streams or control this addon. Please contact the developers of this addon if you have any problems. We offer no support for this addon as we have nothing to do with it. This is a third party addon and involvement or problems with this addon should be directed towards the developers or playlisters. Ourselves or Kodi offer no support for this addon,

It your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all your regional laws with any streams to be found on the web via Kodi Third party addons.

Whilst I am writing this would like to go on record to thank you all for your support.  The Site is still growing month on month. We really enjoy reading your comments on our twitter account all 58000 of you. if you don’t follow us you can do so by clicking HERE.

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Thanks from the whole team at #BFK

A Sneaky Peak at The Warlock Build Krypton - Kodi 17.6


A Sneaky Peak at The Warlock Build Krypton - Kodi 17.6

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