Add Android Apps to Kodi

Add Android Apps to Kodi

Add Android Apps to Kodi

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to launch an app or other function from within Kodi?
Well yes you can and here’s how to do it.


As well as using the old faithful Ctrl+S on my keyboard, I often use an Android App for taking Screenshots.
This App is called Screenshot Easy and can be downloaded from most App stores.
Now, to save having to come out of Kodi and launch the App from my home screen I just made a shortcut for it and popped it on the submenu of my Services section.

This is how I did it.

First go to Program addons

Add Android Apps to Kodi

Then scroll up to the top and click in the two dots.

Add Android Apps to Kodi

Now click on Android Apps


You will now see all the Android Apps you have installed, scroll to the App you want to create a shortcut to and hit the menu key or press “C” on your keyboard to bring up the context menu and click on Add to Favourites.

Add Android Apps to Kodi2016_01_26_09.36.06

Back out of these screens and go back to your main screen, and SYSTEM

Add Android Apps to Kodi

Click on Appearance


Then highlight Skin, move over and click on Settings

Add Android Apps to Kodi

Then Setup the Aeon Nox main menu

Add Android Apps to Kodi

Now, highlight the Menu item where you want to place the shortcut (SERVICE for me), move over to Manage Submenu and click.


Now, on the centre menu you can click on Add, to add a new sunmenu item,

Add Android Apps to Kodi

Now click on Change Action, this is going to set up the link.


Scroll down and click on Favourite


You will now see your Favourites list so scroll down to the one you just added and click it.


Now click on Set Label, and we can edit the Shotcut name that will apear.


Type in your name and click on Done


That should be it!. Back out of here now to your main screen and just wait a few secends while kodi organises the new menus.

You can see I now have a new submenu item under Service called SCREENSHOT.

Add Android Apps to Kodi


If I click on this new link now it takes me straight to the Android App. Not only that but when I exit the App it takes mae straight back into kodi.


Add Android Apps to Kodi


You can just repeat this for as many new links as you like.

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