Add your own Splash screen in Kodi

Add your own Splash screen in Kodi

Ever wondered on how to Add your own Splash Screen in Kodi. Well here we go this will be Short,Sharp And Fast


Customizing your Kodi can become very very addictive. Another thing to add that personal touch is to change the start up splash screen.

To do this:


First of all we need to go and get ourselves a High Quality image.

Once we find something that we want to use as a splash screen we need to save it.

When we save it we need to save it as Splash.png.


Now to replace the existing Splash screen we just need to change the existing image with the one of your chose.

I am on the Wookie splash screen at the moment.




The path that you need to find is.


PC – c:/user/user name/AppData/Roaming/Kodi/media

Android – Open a File Manager/Device/Android/Data/org.xbmc.kodi/Files/.kodi/Media

Note that the org.xbmc.kodi folder will differ depending on what build your on.


Once in there you will see your Original Splash screen PNG

If you want to save that Image Drag/Drop or Copy/Paste to somewhere save so you always have it.


Then with your new image re-place the image that was in your Media folder.

If you dont like what you see and you want to revert back to the original then just Drag/Drop of Copy/Paste it back.


Easy Peezi

Add your own Splash Screen to Kodi


Below is now my Splash screen on my setup 🙂


Add your own Splash screen in Kodi


Of course you can use any picture you want, but the greatest team in the world is a good start 🙂


Hope this was of some use to some of you who have been wondering how to change your Splash Screen. If you need any help with anything you can either follow myself on Twitter here or you can follow the team on Best for Kodi here.


Well now you know.


Till next time, Take care.





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