Adding and Removing Sub Menus

Adding and Removing Sub Menus

Adding and Removing Sub Menus

I am writing this Blog about Adding and Removing Sub Menus because a question arose in the XBMCKodiAddons Forum.

So i thought I would try to help out by putting not only the member who asked the question but hopefully anyone else who might need the knowledge to perform this task on there Kodi.

Well the title speaks for its self.

Adding and Removing Sub-Menus.

As always we have to open our Kodi and go to System (By the way i am Blogging this with the NEW WOOKIE BUILD That does not need ANY username OR password.


Adding and Removing Sub Menus



Highlight the Skin and move over to Settings.


Setup the Aeon Nox.


OK Then,  if we Highlight which ever section you wish to Remove/Add in this case i will use the Sports Section then Click the Manage sub-menu.


These are the Sub-Menus i have and again for this blog i will Change NJM-Soccer.


So again Highlight NJM-Soccer and go to the middle section and click on Delete.


Once we have Deleted the Sub-Menus you do not require,We need to Click on Type at the top of the list in the middle section.


Then Click on Type till you reach the Add-On in the right hand corner.


Then scroll down the list till you find something you want to replace with the Sub-Menu you have deleted.

I will replace NJM-Soccer with NBC Sports Live Click it.


Once you have clicked on it you will be prompted with.

Create shortcut to here.


Then you will see the add-on that will have been added to your Sub-Menus.


Now as you can see the NBC Sports is at the bottom of the list so when you go back to your main screen you will have to toggle through to find it in your Sub-Menu Bar.

So if we Highlight NBC Sports and click on Move Up in the middle section.


And push it up to the top by clicking Move Up.



When you return to your Main Menu Bar you will see its First in the queue.


So there you go You just Deleted a Sub-Menu and you just Added a Sub-Menu.

Hope this was of use to some of you Guys/Gals out there.

Till next time.

Keep having fun with your Kodi.


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