Adding SALTS content to your Video Library

Adding SALTS content to your Video Library


Adding SALTS content to your Video Library

Ok guys, since the demise of Genesis I’m sure a lot of you will now be looking to either re-vamp or set up your libraries with another add-on.

Here I’m going to show you how to do just that and I will use S.A.L.T.S as the example alternative add-on.
If you dont alrerady have S.A.L.T.S on your set up, click here to see how to get it


The method for adding items to your library remains the same. Hit that menu key or “c” on your keyboard to open up the context menu for the particular item and select “Add to Library”.


Adding SALTS content Install SALTS Kodi addon


I use Libraries for both TV shows and Movies, in this blog we will concentrate on just TV shows.
You need access to a couple of menu items that are usually only available from a basic set up.
I, like most of you I’m sure have overwritten these basic menu items with alternatives. For example, below I am using the latest Wookie build which has done away with what we want. Therefore we need to create a new menu item first before we get going.
We need to go to the setings for the the Main Menu item of your choice, I am using System, and then, manage the submenu items. Add a new item, I have called it FILES.


Adding SALTS content Install SALTS Kodi addon

If you are unsure about this, check out Part SIX of the Create your own build series by clicking here.

Set the label as FILES and change action to Video Library / Files

We now have an extra item on the System submenu called FILES, we will need that later.




Ok here we go.


Let’s go into S.A.L.T.S and click on Settings, then Add On Settings.
Click on Library Integration, and we will change a few settings in here.
Turn on Automatically Update Subscriptions.
Turn on During Startup
Change the slider for update interval to 12 hours.

Adding SALTS content Install SALTS Kodi addon


Turn on Update Library Afterward.
Make sure you click on OK to save the changes.


 Adding SALTS content Install SALTS Kodi addon


Now it’s time to use that new submenu item we just created on our System Menu.(FILES)
Ok, hit it and select Add Videos.


Adding SALTS content Install SALTS Kodi addon


Click on Browse


Adding SALTS content Install SALTS Kodi addon


Now navigate to the location of of the S.A.L.T.S TV shows, once in there, click OK.






Mac:/Users/{user_name}/Library/Application Support/Kodi/userdata/addon_data/





Now you can enter a name for the source, I called mine SALTS TV




Once again, make sure you click OK to save your edits.

Now scroll through the options of menu contents using the lettle arrows until you reach TV shows. This tells Kodi which scraper to use when searching.



And again, click OK.

If you get the option to Refresh information for items in this path, select YES.




You will now see a notification as the scraper will starts to scan all the content within the directory you have selected. Wait for it to complete. It could take a while if you have added a lot of shows to the S.A.L.T.S library, mine was quick as I only have a few items in there right now.

As I’m using the Wookie build, I’m going to add a couple more submenu items now to give us some shortcuts to the Library.

I will call these TV SHOWS and RECENT EPISODES and I will place them in the submenu for TV Shows, its up to you where you place yours.

For TV SHOWS use the menu path Video Library/TV Shows/Title

For RECENT EPISODES use the menu path Video Library/Recently Added Episodes




Here are my new menu items.




That’s it, if you click on  TV Shows now you will see all the shows you have added to your S.A.L.T.S library.


Adding SALTS content


Click on Recently Added to see the most recent episodes.


Adding SALTS content


Check out Part Seven of the Create your own build series by clicking here to see how you can also set up a Widget for Recently Addded Items.


Adding SALTS content

Now this is set up, any show you Add to Library in SALTS will also appear in the above items.
Each time you start Kodi it will scan your library and any new episodes will appear in the recently episodes section and in your library.


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