Amazing World Cup Deal – IP Vanish VPN – Dont Miss Out

For the next few days Only to celebrate the World Cup we have teamed up with Vanish to bring you an amazing deal with them. Join the best VPN service around and secure your devices. Don’t miss out guys this is an amazing deal. So check out the links in the blog for details.

Amazing World Cup Deal – IP Vanish VPN – Dont Miss Out

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Wow we have an Amazing Deal for you!!

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So don’t stress you have not missed out!!


An Amazing VPN Deal for you.

I have been contacted this morning by the guys over at IP Vanish with an amazing Deal!!! If you don’t have a VPN setup on your devices- Then the time to sort it is now!!

All coupons and promotions are valid for one billing cycle only, unless otherwise specified


What is a VPN some of you will be asking?

Well i have been jibbing on about the importance of a VPN for years have a read of my blog on it HERE.


Make sure come back to this page though to get this amazing deal.

So why do we recomend IP Vanish?

They are the Market Leaders in the VPN Industry. They own and maintain all their servers and networks.

  • Over 600 VPN servers available in over 60 countries. (I use the Amsterdam servers and on my 80mb connection still get over 70mb
  • Apps available for Android TV, Android, iOS, Windows,and more!
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Great speeds.( dependent on locations)
  • No logs of your activity.
  • 10 continuous connections at one time.
  • Anonymous torrenting.
  • Unlimited P2P traffic.
  • The Best 24/7 support.
  • 7 Day money back guarantee.

So what Deal do they have for us?


To help World Cup spectators against threats from censorship, monitoring, and throttling.

IPVanish VPN is offering new users a discount. Beginning today through July 15, IPVanish is including an additional 25% off every plan purchased through their World Cup privacy promotion. That means you could subscribe to IPVanish VPN for as little as $4.87/mo (a 60% in total savings compared to standard pricing).

all coupons and promotions are valid for one billing cycle only, unless otherwise specified


So get all these benefits listed below. Stay safe. Sign up Today by clicking banner below to take advantage of this amazing deal. 


This deal is available only for 10 days so check it out and get your connection protected 

Amazing 2 year Deal - IP Vanish VPN - Dont Miss Out


They wanted me to highlight this to you. This is another reason why you should use IP Vanish

Hotspot Shield is trending for all the wrong reasons. This is the result a formal FTC complaint filed by the Center for Democracy & Technology.

A Carnegie Mellon University analysis discovered that the Hotspot Shield logs user IP addresses, monitors user browsing habits, and utilizes multiple third-parties to redirect user traffic and serve targeted advertisements.

This discovery highlights the importance of promoting true no-logging VPN providers like IPVanish over services with questionable policies and practices. IPVanish owns and operates its network resources from within, and maintains a strict user-friendly privacy policy. Comparatively, Hotspot Shield’s policy contains frequent mention of third parties, ad networks, and disclosures.

A VPN is a must these days why allow hackers access to your devices, why let you ISP spy on your online activity. Unblocked sources worldwide.


Why a VPN is a must with Kodi. Read our blog HERE


Why we recomend a paid VPN over the many FREE VPN’s available. Our Blog on this can be read HERE


So sign up with the best!!

Amazing World Cup Deal – IP Vanish VPN – Dont Miss Out


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Thanks from the whole team at #BFK

Amazing World Cup Deal - IP Vanish VPN - Dont Miss Out





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