Amber Skin in Kodi – How to install it

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How to install the Amber skin in Kodi


Hi there all.


I’m going to do a few blogs on the skins within Kodi its self.

Possibly one of the categories that have gone by the by with all the custom builds out there at the moment.

I will blog the majority of them so why not give them a go.  They are easy to install and once you have installed them you can always revert back to your original skin when ever you get bored of looking at the one you have installed.

I will show you how to Install these skins and Un-install them if you need to.


Ok lets get on our way.


As always on installing anything in Kodi we need to go to System.


Then it will be to Appearance.


Then we go to Skins.


Next you will see a box with the Pre-installed skins on you Box/System.

We need to click on get more.


Once you have clicked on “Get more” You will get a lage list of available skins you can downloa nd install on your Box/System.


Click on the designated skin you require and it will install.

For this blog i will be installing Amber.


One the skin has istalled you will e prompted with the option of  “Would you like to save changes”.

Click Yes if ou would like to use the new skin.


If you install this AMBER skin then ths it what you will be presented with.


So if you click on the return button/Right click on mouse.

You will get to the main menu bar so you can scroll to all your add-ons/Music and programs etc.


Here are a few screenshots of what you are likely to see once you are there.



Amber Skin in Kodi



Amber Skin in Kodi



Amber Skin in Kodi



Amber Skin in Kodi


So there you go that is a quick glimpse of what you will see from this skin.


Very similar to the confluence skin but with background.


Ok if you want to totally uninstall this skin from your box the best way i found was to change back to Confluence skin.


Then go to.





Then click on My add-ons.


Scroll down to Skins.


Scroll to the skin that you want to un-install.

My case its Amber.


Click Amber and you will be presented with the un-install option.


Click Yes on the next dialogue box.


Then that will have been deleted from your Box/System.



So there you go How to install a Skin with in kodi and how to Un-install it.


How you enjoyed this blog, and watch out because there are a few more of these to come.

Till next time.


Be Good.


And Hope you all have a Merry Christmas.


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