An inside look at addons used on Kodi




An inside look add-on’s used on Kodi. Damo takes a more in depth look at some of the bigger third party addons in Kodi. We have a lot of blogs by our great team, but none that look deeper into the addons sections. Worth the read as he may uncover sections and content that you did not know was even there.


An inside look at addons used on Kodi

Over the next few weeks and Months this series will build and hopefully will help you find the content that you want to watch quicker and easier.

So first of all lets have a look at the addon’s that have major section’s in them.

There are several big ones that come to mind.


An inside look at addons used on Kodi


An inside look at addons used on Kodi


Install VidTime Kodi addon Kodi Repo




They are just a few of the add-ons available.  I will try and cover as much as I can in the blogs. I will even try and cover a few extra’s in the add-ons themselves.

I’m also going to cover some add-ons that have plenty of sections but that are only run by one person or a few people.

Such as:


How to install UK Turk Playlists Kodi Addon Repo


install goodfellas kodi addon install goodfellas 2 kodi addon



The Pyramid



I’ve been looking to do this blog for a while. I decided to take a look at the skins available first.

In each blog I’m going to try and link it to blogs already done by our team.

I will also link to any social media links that are available. Since most of the developers are on twitter then most links will be to there.

Some of the add-ons will be covered in several blogs. The sections in them are quite big and cannot be covered in one blog.

Whilst i’m in the process of completing these blogs you can guarantee that there will be changes. This is the nature of third party Kodi.

There may even be add-ons that come up that I will add and some that i have covered that shut down.

So apologies before hand if any seem out of date at the time of release, I will endeavor to keep them as up to date as possible.

I hope that I can cover all parts of the addons. If any one wants me to cover any addons or add your findings to mine. Please contact me on twitter DamoT


Hopefully we will find some hidden gems along the way!!!


An inside look at addons used on Kodi

So be sure to keep an eye out for the first blog in the series hitting the site over the weekend!!

Thanks for reading guys.

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