Our friends at EBox take a look at Android TV Boxes and give you an Android Fully Loaded TV Box Warning. Why you should not purchase fully loaded devices and what issues they can cause.


We caught up with our friends at Ebox over the weekend to find out what new technology is out, and what was coming very soon. We were very excited to be given one of their new Ebox Air Mini projectors to Test and review. This will be on the site later this week. So watch this space.




Click on the advert above to watch their un-boxing video and a first glance at this amazing device and of course purchase if it takes your fancy.

Avoid Fully Loaded TV Boxes


They also wanted us to highlight the following which we agree with 100% and have said on our twitter feeds never buy a fully loaded device.

Any reputable seller will not sell fully loaded devices. This is what they had to say on this issue.


Below is an extract of EntertainmentBox’s article. The full article can be read here.


EBox get asked all the time whether we sell “Fully Loaded!” devices. We don’t. There are many reasons for this. We will go through them later on.




EBox test numerous devices, we have seen a massive increase in inferior parts, both externally and internally.

Most importantly though due to the structure of some of these cheaper devices, security and such often becomes an issue.


Android Viruses

Recently there has been a batch of mobile viruses hitting Android. This has started to creep into inferior Android TV Boxes aswell.

We only sell official certified Android TV Boxes. We do not sell Fully Loaded devices with inferior mobile apk’s in the structure.

We have seen various malware’s and trojan’s being detailed in various smartphones and such Android based systems. Often these viruses are extremely hard to remove. This is another problem when you are buying from overseas or auction selling sites, there are often no guarantees or even communication if your device obtains a problem.

The makers of these viruses often make a lot of money from their click bait style. Harmful Viruses can be manifested in many shapes and forms, whether this be through ROM images, pop-ups or even scare messages.

Since the launch of our Smart TV box repair centre 1 in 3 devices are Malware related problems. What’s happening is unsuspecting customers are buying fully loaded devices from online marketplaces with the promise of free movies free sports, what they are not telling you is the box is full of malware’s and trojan’s that will push up adverts that can rake the seller of the device £1000s in advert clicks. These are not adverts in applications they are built into the devices Firmware making near on impossible to remove without the correct know how.

Viruses in Android TV box firmware

Only flash your Android TV box with firmware from reputable suppliers. Android firmware is easily modified, by adding the trojans to each firmware then circulating it on the internet anyone looking for the latest update for their device will think its safe to use.

We try to stock most Android TV box firmware so if your looking for the latest Firmware for your device please check our Firmware Page.


Be careful

Ransomware” seems to happening more and more. Ransomware type viruses usually result in a pop up message offering you to pay a fee or certain things will happen to your device etc. ……………………………………………………………………..


Until next time


Big thanks to Ebox for all this information. I hope it helps you out and saves you from the stress of dealing with these sellers.

Anyway guys will catch up with all of you soon.

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