The new fourth generation Apple TV is now out to the general public. Can the new Apple Tv be jailbroken? Is it possible?

Well, there certainly is hope.

The first and second generations of the Apple TV were jailbroken easily. However developers found the Apple TV third generation harder to crack due to a change in the operating systems that it used and we still await a jailbreak released to the general public. This is why the previous generations still sell at a premium £150 to £200. These devices are up to 8 years old so you would be better off investing in a top end android device like a T8 v3 or Nvidia Shield.

So, where does that leave everyone with the newly released Apple TV 4.?

Well i am guessing that if you are reading our site you are looking at the option of an Apple Tv 4 device for use with Kodi.

Well, the new box certainly keeps hopes alive for an Apple TV 4 Jailbreak. The new Apple TV also comes with a brand new operating system.  The new OS is called tvOS. This is the first time an Apple TV has used it’s own dedicated operating system. Previous models used the same iOS as phones etc. So the move of a new OS certainly leaves people wondering about an Apple TV 4 Jailbreak.

The new Apple TV is loaded with new features. A brand new remote with a built-in trackpad and motion sensors. Siri functionality, gaming support, and a native Apple TV App Store where you can download and install Apple TV apps right on the device.

A few known developers/groups have expressed enthusiasm for a Apple TV 4 Jailbreak. Compared to Apple TV 3 the buzz seems more optimistic for this generation of the Apple TV.

In the main within the community there’s isn’t any talk or discussion about a new Apple TV jailbreak currently, but that’s not too surprising, considering that anyone working on a new jailbreak rarely discusses it with the public.  As we’ve seen with most jailbreak releases over the last couple of years, developers keep any workings secret until a major breakthrough has been made.

We wait with baited breath on a new Apple TV 4 Jailbreak.

Maybe a method to put Kodi on a non jailbroken Apple Tv 4 will certainly keep our eyes open for this.

We spoke to the Guys over at our Advertising partner EBox and this is what they had to say on the Apple Tv 4

As it stands at the moment, we are not stocking the new Apple TV 4. We have our eyes and ears on the situation and we will let everyone know if that situation changes.

For now though, you can always check out the TV boxes we do have for sale here.

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