Applying different backgrounds to your Kodi

back 2 basics


Applying different backgrounds to your Kodi


Hello all. I am back with another blog on how to Applying different backgrounds to your Kodi by personalizing your Kodi home screen.

I put them under the heading of BACK 2 BASICS. This is because they are for the Basic user (I am no where near the Advanced Kodi Builder).

Just in the hope that some of the people will advance on the basics and become a Budding Builder (Not Houses).

Ok so here we go.

In 1 of my posts I show you Aeon Nox and how to move the menu bar from middle to bottom.

Well this is the Build we need to add the Different Background in your kodi.

Before you start, Download the images you want to insert on your Kodi and save them in a place that you know where they are.

Ok lets go.


Applying different backgrounds to your Kodi.


Open your kodi and go to the usual place  SETTINGS.

Once there you need to Click on Appearances


Then Skin/Settings


Then its Set up the Aeon Nox  main menu.


Then on the left you will see what category you want to set as the new background “Highlight” then move to the left and click on Set Item Background.


Then you will be prompted with options for this blog were going to set “single image background”.


Click it and go and find your image that you have saved on you system


Click the image that you want and that is it?

Repeat the above process to change what ever category that you wish.

Here a couple of Shots that i did



Tablet PC with cloud of application icons

So again have fun and enjoy Customizing your Kodi. I hope you found this guide on Applying different backgrounds to your Kodi useful

Once you get the hang of it i can promise you ……..You will get hooked.

Watch out for more Blogs on how to give your system the WOW Factor


Below are links to a few of the latest Back 2 basics building blogs.


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Till next time

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