APPtv skin in Kodi – How to install it

back 2 basics

APPTV skin in Kodi – How to install it

Ok Gang I’m here again.

This is Number 2 in the Skins in Kodi.

As the Heading tells you this one is called AppTV.

I will always start of these blogs Showing you HOW to install and HOW to Uninstall with a few Screen shots in between showing you what you to expect once installed.


Ok lets get going.


Yea Yea Yea….. It’s System.









Once you click on the Skin you will get a pop-up with the pre-installed skins you have on your System and you will have the option to get more.



Click on get more and you will have a Large list of skins you can install on your System/Box.


For the purpose of this blog this skin will be APPTV Skin.



Click the skin and the Download will become.



Once the download has Finished you will be presented with the New Skin.

APPtv skin in Kodi


On First impressions i was Impressed,…………….

So from this point just click on the return button on the remote or Right click the mouse till you get to the main menu bar.


This is where i got a “TAD” Deflated.



But i am not here to criticize i am here to blog.

You have the usually menu bar headings and everything is similar to everything i have seen before.

For example under Videos and then the Add-ons you get the norm(or what you have installed on your System/Box)

“O” look we have the Trusted WOOKIE


Along will all your other Add-ons you have in stalled.

APPtv skin in Kodi


Here a few more Screenshots on what you can expect from this skin.





So there you have the APPTV Skin.


If you wish to delete this skin from your System/Box Then on the skin tour on (APPTV)


Go to System, Then Settings.



Click on Appearances.



Then Skins.



Change your Skin To the good old Confluence.

APPtv skin in Kodi


It should prompted with “Would you like to change

Click Yes.



Then go to your Confluence Add-ons.



And then my Add-ons.



Then Skins.



Find the Skin you want to Un-install in this case APPTV Skin.



Click on it and you will get the Option to Uninstall.

APPtv skin in Kodi


Click Uninstall.


And confirm that you wish to precede.


Once you click yes then it will be removed from your Skin list.

APPtv skin in Kodi


So there you have it.



Hope you enjoyed this and i hope some of you out there like this skin.


Watch this space as there a few more to come.


Merry Christmas and a Very Prosperous New Year.


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