Arctic Zephyr Skin Kodi

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Arctic Zephyr Skin Kodi


Ok Guys and Gals.

Here is a Blog about a Skin that is Probably gonna make HEADLINES,…In my view and a few people that in Know.


This skin is still in its early stages and is always going to get updated as and when.

But from looking around this Arctic Zephyr there is something FRESH about this.


There is a Information Guide that you can have from this that you dont get from other Skins/Builds




You could go on and on.

Spot on for Information to what you are going to watch and the Actors that are Staring in the film.

You can get a Youtube clip if you need it before you watch the movie.


And other informal information on the movie you want to watch…….”always a good tip when your doing your Quiz Night

So where do we go from here?


Lets have a look.

We get a Spotlight look at what is Arctic Zephyr is in the eyes of viewers.


All the Old FAVS are there in all its glamour.


Your Sports are there.


And your live TV.


Check it out.

Let me tell you if your going to add this skin on a PC the mouse is aNO” UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT/ENTER arrow keys essential on the keyboard.But on the Android box you will be good on the Remote.

So you want to install it then that is easy all you have to do is………….



Sorry about the above screenshot as that was something i was working on.



Skin and Get more.


Choose the Skin Arctic Zephyr.

Let the Skin install and your away.


If the skin requires a shortcut addon then you can get from HERE

Hope this was interesting to you and you get on with this skin,.. Patience is a virtue.

Till next time.






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