Backup or Transfer your Kodi Build

Backup or Transfer your Kodi Build


Backup or Transfer your Kodi Build

We get a lot of questions asking how to Backup those precious Kodi Builds and also how they can be transferred from one device to another. I have a perfect example all ready for you to take a look at showing you how you can backup your build and if you want, transfer it to another device.


One the easiest ways to do this is by using an Addon that can be found in your Kodi repository that should already be on your device.

Backup or Transfer your Kodi Build





Please take a look at my Create your own build series blog Number 4 by clicking here.

This will give you all of the details you need to save, backup or transfer your build to another device.

In the example shown, I use an SD card for the process but it is just as easy and exactly the same if you want o use a USB stick, when it comes to it, just select an alternative path.

Remember however that some builds can be quite large in size and especially if you want to keep multiple backups of different builds I would recommend using a 16GB USB stick.

Why not have a peek at some of the other great things you can do with your build by clicking here for a run down of the entire Create your own build series.

Meanwhile to install the Backup Addon

  • Select SYSTEM
  • Select ADD-ONS
  • Scroll down and select KODI ADD-ON REPOSITORY
  • Scroll down and select BACKUP
  • Select INSTALL
  • Wait for ADD-ON ENABLED Notification


You are now ready to configure the Add-on and start using it.

I have tested several Backup and Restore Programs recently and I have to say this one is by far the most reliable to date.

However, it is certainly NOT THE QUICKEST so please be patient, it will work for you


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