Bello Skin in Kodi – How to Install

Bello Skin in Kodi

Bello Skin in Kodi – How to Install


Ok Guys and Dolls.


Another skin for you to have a look at with in the Kodi settings.


This one is called Bello and in my opinion is a simple but effective skin and is easy on the eye there are no Backgrounds on the main menu screen but everything that you need is there and also offers Phoenix and Genesis on the main menu bar.All with drop down sub-menus.


So here we go.


As always we start off with SYSTEM.



Then it is Appearance.






And now we want to get more.



And this time we want to chose the Bello Skin.



At this point is COULD ask you do you want to change, On other occasions i have known the skin to change Automatically without any warning.


Now we have our new Skin lets have a look at what if offers.


I will point out this was installed on my PC and there is no mouse facility it is controlled by the UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT and ENTER KEYS ON THE KEYBOARD.


Here is a few screen shots of what to expect when you get to the main menu screen which is as normal the return key on the remote.










So just as an example this is what you will see when you enter one off the sub-menus in this case i chose Programs.


What ever you have installed  will appear as a list.



As all skins you will have the option to change the way you want to look at them and my preference is always Icons.



So that is about it,there is not a lot i can say about this skin as it is “What you see is what you get”.

There is ONE thing i would like to say on this skin is?

If you need to change back to a previous skin, personally I would of thought that you have to go to Skin settings?


but in this skin that does not apply.


To get out of this Skin you need to go to top of the screen and click on the POWER TAB.



That will then give you your main settings menu.

So click on the Settings tab.

Bello Skin in Kodi


And you will able to change your Skin.

Click the Skin/Skin.

Bello Skin in Kodi


And you will have your normal options to select a new Skin.

Bello Skin in Kodi


So there you go with the Bello Skin in Kodi.


Hope you enjoyed and watch this Space as there are plenty more to come.


You can folllow us on Twitter here


Until the next time.





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