Best For Kodi recommended Services-VPN-DNS-Real Debrid

Best For Kodi recommended Services-VPN-DNS-Real Debrid

Good Evening guys and Girls this blog will cover the Best For Kodi recommended Services-VPN-DNS-Real Debrid. These are all of the services we have tested and highly recommend to our users. Take the stress out of shopping around. We have personally tested all of these services. The best in the business.

Best For Kodi recommended Services-VPN-DNS-Real Debrid


So you have your Kodi device or your Android TV Box. You want to start watching streams and Peer 2 Peer channels. A VPN/DNS is to be recommended to help keep you safe.


What is a VPN?


A VPN is a server somewhere that you connect to and route your Internet usage through. This not only hides your identity, but also makes it appear as though you are in the country where the server is.

Not only will a VPN help keep you safe but will also let you access content that is geo or region locked with addons like ITV Player, iPlayer or NBCSN only working for users in their respective countries.

While a VPN does cost money, on average it is only $10 to $15 per month, which is a small price to pay for how much they offer.

It’s important to check what each service offers and what their policies are on privacy, as some services will log when and from where you logged on.

Different websites and blogs will all offer different opinions of what is the best VPN to use for Kodi.

What is a DNS?


A smart DNS proxy server enables a client, such as a computer or mobile device, to access region-restricted or blocked content from anywhere in the world. A connection between the client and the site serving restricted content is established through a proxy server located within the approved areas for streaming or downloading the content. Unlike a virtual private network (VPN) proxy, a smart DNS proxy does not encrypt communications and does not direct all internet traffic via the proxy. Instead, it selectively directs traffic for certain sites, typically those of popular streaming services, via the proxy. This is achieved by overriding selected DNS entries so that DNS queries resolve to the addresses of a proxy rather than the real server. As with a VPN proxy, this allows a user to stream or download content which is normally blocked for viewing by people within that region.


What is Real Debrid?

Real Debrid is an awesome unrestricted multihoster. An unrestricted downloader allows you to download instantly at the best of your internet speed any files available on download platforms such as Uptobox and many others without any restrictions.

This gives you great benefits in Kodi giving you premium hosters on a selection of addons.

Whats this mean to you? it means premium links that not every  kodi user is using so you will benefit from fast and better quality links,  some even with 4k/1080p 7.1 sound.

It will transform a lot of the addons.



We have compiled a list of great services below from testing ourselves to save you the hassle of shopping around.


These are the BFK  recommend services:-


Below are a few of these options.


Click on the Banners below to access their websites to check out these great services. They all come with a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the service.

We are sure you will be happy with any of these carefully selected services.

This the best VPN’s that we have tested here at BFK. Not just for you Kodi devices but for your personal PC’s as well.

We recommend that every Kodi user should use a VPN so that your Kodi traffic is Encrypted.

The IP Vanish service DO NOT keep logs


IP Vanish





Read our blog on why all Kodi users MUST use a VPN. This will highlight the benefits in using one in Kodi  HERE

If VPN is not your preferred option maybe a Smart DNS will suit you better.

OverPlay Smart DNS

Best For Kodi recommended Services-VPN-DNS-Real Debrid


Read our blog on how Smart DNS can benefit you as a Kodi user Here


Real Debrid

Read our blogs on the advantages of Real debrid HERE.

How do i Configure Real Debrid in URL Resolver HERE

Real Debrid


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Best For Kodi recommended Services-VPN-DNS-Real Debrid


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