Best for Kodi recommended VPN service

Best for Kodi recommended VPN service

Are you looking for the best Kodi VPN service? Protect yourself on the internet, encrypt your Kodi usage, and access content that is blocked in your country with a great VPN service. Then look no further.

We hope you are all well. Here we are going to look at the Best for Kodi recommended VPN service. We have recently teamed up with IPVanish which we have been meaning to do for months to show why their product is great and why we recommend it to all Kodi Users.


Over the last couple of Months since opening this site we have covered the benefits of VPN Services and DNS and how they benefit you when using Kodi.

I have been using VPN on my computer and devices on my network for over 4 years now and would like to highlight a service available to you which i use on my PC, on my Android devices.

This service is very simple to setup and be turned on and off at a click of a button. So what are the benefits of VPN and what does it do?

These are a few points I raised in a previous blog on VPN.


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all coupons and promotions are valid for one billing cycle only, unless otherwise specified



Why you must have a VPN on your Kodi Device.

So you have your Kodi device and you want to start watching streams from add-ons. Many addons have Peer 2 Peer channels or Plexus , then a VPN is recommended to help keep you safe.

Plexus uses Acestream which uses torrent engine software. This is illegal in most countries and you could find yourself in hot water with your Internet Service Provider.

The advantages of Acestream links are they are normally amazing quality normally 720p/1080p. Added the fact the more popular the link is the better as more of your are sharing it and this results in little or no buffering issues.

Addons such as Bob/Boom/Sports Devil/Bennu/ Maverick provide amazing acestream links to all the big sports channels and matches and events.

Also as an example addons such as Exodus that search lots of websites, some of these sites maybe blocked in your country so these results will not show to you. Get more link options by using VPN.


Other reasons why VPN and in particularly IPVanish is the way forward.

  • Access all Kodi add-ons (Addons such as IceFilms , Primewire and many others are blocked in the UK, but not with VPN)
  • Access geo-restricted content from anywhere.
  • Encrypt and anonymise your Kodi traffic. (Why allow your ISP to log all of your useage and see what you are watching)
  • No logs of your traffic
  • Prevent ISP throttling. (This is happening in the UK big style why suffer it?)

So what is a VPN?

A VPN is a server somewhere that you connect to and route your Internet usage through. This not only hides your identity, but also makes it appear as though you are in the country where the server is.

(this benefits you on using add-ons like NBC Sports Extra  for example geo locked to the Usa – (click green links for there install guides)

Go from a blank screen to watching quality content like below.

Screenshot 2015-10-26 21.10.47

(Content gained using usa vpn and NBC Sports extra logins)

Not only will a VPN help keep you safe but will also let you access content that is geo or region locked with addons like ITV Player, iPlayer or NBCSN only working for users in their respective countries.

Before you purchase a VPN, do some research. We highly recommend getting a paid VPN over a free one, but if the free one does the job for you then all the power to you. However, the security and speeds on the free VPN’s will not be as good as the Premium subscription based ones. Will the free one offer all the important points below?


Important things to look for when choosing a VPN provider

  1. Does your VPN provider offer premium customer service support?
  2. How many servers does your service offer? And across how many regions and/or countries?
  3. Is there a limit to the amount of bandwidth you’re able to use the service for?
  4. Does the provider log your personal information? And if so, how long will they keep it and what exactly are they intending to do with it?
  5. How many devices can you use your subscription on? Are you going to have to get multiple accounts to cover your desktop, laptop, cell phone and/or tablet?
  6. What kind of security are they offering? Are your transmissions encrypted?
  7. Is your VPN provider reputable? What sorts of reviews are you seeing from reputable sources?
  8. After signing-up with your VPN service, are you starting to see e-mails and other types of advertisements that you didn’t register for? Some VPN companies have been known to sell their customers’ personal information to third-party vendors, allowing them to display their advertising to their trusting customers.
  9. Does your VPN provider give you multiple VPN protocols? Some protocols are more secure than others and in addition, there are pros and cons to different types of connections, which makes giving users additional options that much more important.


Over my time using VPN‘s i have used a lot of different services but IPVanish is my favourite now.

So what does IP Vanish have to offer?

  • Over 500 anonymous VPN servers in 60+ countries.
  • No usage or traffic logs… ever.
  • Our network, our servers, our apps. No third parties.
  • Encrypted over OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec.
  • 7 day Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy.

So What are you waiting for?

Sign up today with IPVanish, to check out the deals available to you click on any of their Ad banners on this page or our site.




Well BestForKodi Best Buy goes to IPVanish purely on the value for money and exceptional service.


Why not check it out for yourself today and open up your device to the content that others around the world are enjoying everyday.

Thanks for reading guys.

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