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Welcome to the Best for kodi shop

We have been knocking around the idea of having funny T-Shirts. Who doesn’t love a funny T-shirt right?

We have decided to not go ahead and sell these but we may give away some in the future, as we think they are ace!


Nice Addons from the Kodi Shop

You know we love all the great addons in Kodi, XBMC and SPMC right?  Who doesn’t love great addons!

Of course the T-Shirt is just talking about Addons for Kodi. If you thought about anything else, then you have a dirty mind. So stop it!

We have now decided not to sell these, however we may give some away in future competitions.


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These are not available to purchase. However, we may give away some in the future. We think these are just great. However, if the demand is there for them, who knows we might just change our minds!

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