Best Kodi Addons 2016 Part 1



Best Kodi Addons 2016 Part 1

Well guys happy new year so we are a few weeks into it all ready, hope 2016 is treating you well. So whats 2016 got in store for us?

Best Kodi Addons 2016 part 1


We have have been very busy here at BFK for sure. We have taken on a couple of new bloggers so would love to take this opportunity to welcome them onboard and i am sure you will be looking forward to reading there blogs.

But we are still looking for more bloggers so if you are interested drop us a tweet and we will send you over a bloggers pack so what do we look for?

Do you love the Best for Kodi website?

Do you use Kodi?

Do you have a passion for writing?

Have you ever wanted to blog?

Well, if you answered YES! to all three, then why not Join the Team.

This year will be a big year for Kodi for sure, we have already been hit with the very sad news that Genesis Addon is coming to the end of it life from reading various forums and twitter from the dev it could be gone for good by the end of the month as its no longer being updated.

RIP Genesis Kodi – So Today is the day! an end of an era.

The announcement that we have all been dreading has been made.Is is a surprise? No but was rather hoping that Lambda and his team would have had second thoughts. I know how much work has gone into this addon over the years. I know the decision would not have been taken lightly. I know it must be like losing a family member and laying them to rest. It has been a huge part of Lamda’s life for so long he must be devastated. On the other hand maybe the weight of his shoulders will enable him to move on. We have already heard that a new addon is under development from him. We have also heard it will be similar. Lets hope its better! RIP Genesis Kodi.

I have written a blog about it read the full blog in full detail that the above was taken from  HERE

We have also over seen the expansion of the site and our brand and we are excited to say that nearly 11000 people follow us on twitter at time of writing and the site is getting in excess of 800,000 views a month. So thank you all for your support. Who would have thought this at the end of October when we opened our doors.

You guys are the reason we do this and we love hearing from you.

Right lets get onto the main reason of this blog The Best addons for 2016 to have installed on your device.  Obviously these are my thoughts at time of writing and anyone who understands Kodi will understand that addons come and go. Some quicker than others so lets enjoy them whilst they are around. Ps and dont shoot me a few months down the line if you are reading this and an addon has long gone.

Of course these are my opinions and will differ from some of yours as my tastes may differ so hope you enjoy these addons as much as i do.

These are in no particular order and its so difficult to reduce it down to just a handful of addons (10 to be precise) as Kodi has never been so good. These addons are what i feel will be big players in 2016.

I am going to write this blog in two parts so here goes the first 5 addons



Best Kodi Addons 2016 part 1

People think this add-on has been around for years but its only over a 14 months old. Phoenix took flight when it rose from the Ashes to fill the gap left with the shock closure of Mash Up.

Others promised us a new replacement but it was all talk, lucky these guys stepped up to the plate and if i am brutality honest i think Phoenix is a better all round add-on than Mash Up was.

This add-on has a great mix of Movies,  Rockcrusher, Staael2014 and very good friend of mine Blue Phoenix kill it on the Movie front with play lists covering pretty much all Genres and age groups. TNPB another great section is the home to my favourite section on Kodi Best of British.

Best Kodi Addons 2016 part 1

This addon has grown it strength over the last few months of last year and i can see it as the main player in 2016. With the introduction of new sections Vinman FM

So what is Vinmans section all about?

FM Radio stations that’s what! hundreds of them and great quality too.

also Woody is back with his live streams !!!!  Woody for those new to the KODI  is one of the top live tv providers on the scene. It was a great loss when he decided to hang up his Kodi gloves a while back.

December last year also see the launch of the cartoon crazy section of the addon which my boys love. What a great addition to an already superb addon.

Best Kodi Addons 2016 part 1

This addon is one of the ones to watch in the coming year and i am sure you would like to thank all the guys and the support team over at Phoenix for all their hardwork on this exceptional addon that they produce for us for FREE

2. Operation Robocop

This has to be the very best of the new addons on the scene right now if you love Premier League Football then this is the add-on for you it streams every game in quality 720p. I use this add-on all the time and i cant get over the quality of this. A big shout out to the dev for his hard work. Read my install guide for Robocop HERE

If you don’t have this on your device where have you been? This addon brings you Premeir League Pass, Eleven Sports and MIO Stadium which is a first for Kodi so looking forward to seeing this addon grow in 2016!!!

The Guys concentrate on match day live events they normally have the best streams available buffer free. They do how ever have a great PLP Vod section as well.


Best Kodi Addons 2016 part 1


3. Release Hub

Release Hub it is different to a lot of  the others Movie and Tv addons in how it works.

Release Hub is the best movie add-on in my opinion as you can see i rated it number 2 in my Top 5 addons in Kodi list, read blog HERE 

I use this as my first port of call for Current Movies as it will always have them first before any other addon why you ask?

Well it uses the scene release sites the addon streams from their download sites these are not streaming sites hence older links not working as they do not replace dead links.

if you what to read up more on scene releases then please have a read HERE

My fave sections in the addon are Release BB and Sceper which were both sites i used to read before moving onto the Kodi scene.

Best Kodi Addons 2016 part 1

This addon works better with Real Debrid or a similar account attached to it for premium hosts read my blog on the benefits of Real Debrid in Kodi HERE

As i blog this i am watching a great great documentary on Rocky to Creed this addon has always been a massive favourite of mine and the one i use the most on a daily basis

Best Kodi Addons 2016 part 1

If you have not got Release Hub on your device then follow install guide HERE

4. UK Turk

Well a top Kodi addon blog would not be complete without my old mates UK Turks addon, well if i did not mention it i would never hear the end of it lol.

This is a great all round addon, Eddie works tirelessly to improve and build on this addon you just have to follow on twitter and every day he announces new sections or features. It had a major revamp in October.

Best Kodi Addons 2016 part 1

From Turks point of view he wanted to make the add-on more sexy unlike himself lol, Jim has added the facility for him to add thumbnails to addon. Hence Turk spending 2 whole pain staking  days adding these to all of the channels. Making the add-on look and feel more professional. Also Channel multi links have been added easier to navigate the lists. I like this feature less confusing for the user. (No long lists of the same channel)

Other great features that have been added are SEARCH which will make it easier as it will search the whole add-on for you making it quicker and easier to navigate and find what you are looking for. They have also added a WATCHED/RESUME feature or as Eddie stated a nice little flag next to an item to show you have already watched it.

Best Kodi Addons 2016 part 1

The introduction of the add to Library feature is a massive plus point for this add-on as i know a lot of Kodi users always ask about this.

Going back to sexiness the add-on will also be fully Meta-handled meaning that it will Query , store, and returns metadata for TV shows, Movies and Music videos from the following Sources:

It has a lot of content for classic TV, Films, Stand Up, documentaries and a great array of Live Streams and Live Sports including 3pm Kick offs.

If you have not got UK Turk on your device then follow install guide HERE

5. Velocity

Well Velocity launched only yesterday and what can i say i am very impressed with the addon thus far. Its a TV Show and Movies addon brought to you by BlazeTamer. This is definitely an addon to watch grow in 2016.

Best Kodi Addons 2016 part 1


The addon will also use TRAKT. What is TRAKTTrakt is a a movie and TV database that you can access from your mobile phone or sync into Kodi and keep track of what you have watched and all of your favourite shows. I use it on other Kodi add-ons like Genesis and SALTs to pull and organize movie/TV data and keep track of what i watch. Check out their site and sign up for a free account HERE


Best Kodi Addons 2016 part 1


The only downside for us users in the UK certain sources that it uses are blocked and a vpn is required to benefit in full, hopefully this will be something that will be looked at.


Best Kodi Addons 2016 part 1

So who is BlazeTamer?

BlazeTamer is a Respected member of the TVADDONS Kodi community. He is the developer of Cliq and 2Movies, he is a member of the Navi-X team.He also part of the development team at Phoenix in my eyes one of the best Kodi addons at the moment.

If you have not got Velocity on your device then follow install guide HERE

Now that’s it for this blog please keep an eye out for part 2 that will hit the site later today. At the end you will have 10 of the very best addons for your device.


Hope you have enjoyed reading until next time.

PART 2 of this blog can now be read HERE







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