Brief insight into URLresolver & the resolvers inside it

Brief insight into URLresolver

Brief insight into URLresolver & the resolvers inside it


This is just a brief insight into URLresolver & the resolvers inside it. Just before Christmas i caught up with Tommy the Dev of the outstanding Entertainment Repo and its amazing addons to ask him about URL Resolvers and how they work after having a few issues with it on my device.

Below is what he had to say on the issue.

i.e real-debrid resolver, uptobox resolver etc. etc. in the easiest way I could think of explaining it, but there is a lot more to it lol.

First things first Real-debird & AllDebird are not some magical tool that gives you HD, if there is no HD links on a site scraped by an addon you get No HD links, but if there are premium hosts i.e uploaded, rapigator etc. Then it will scrape the links from them hosts & will resolve the links via the debird site & the debird resolver in URLresolver to play on kodi.

All other host i.e vodlocker, vidbull (free accounts) etc. have resolvers in URLresolver coded & updated by devs, what resolve the link & plays it in kodi.

Then we have hosts like uptobox, hugefile etc. that has a resolver in URLresolver & works via debird site, the difference being the one that works via debird will be via a premium account (no download limit & no captcha) & the other a free account (has a download limit & captcha or a waiting time).

You must keep in mind that there is over 80 host site resolvers in URLresolver so not all resolvers work due to site changes & will need updating by the URLresolver script/addon devs so reporting broken hosts/resolvers is important always check to see if link plays via browser first before reporting.

DO NOT report if you haven’t check the hosts/links via a browser first. Real-debird is 1 resolver in URLresolver with 60 hosts that work via it (check the debrid sites for supported hosts).

Debrid sites are not kodi exclusive so do not bother them with kodi addon problems. When hosts are down or not streaming/downloading alway check the links via a browser 1st to see if it’s a kodi/addon/URLresolver problem or a debird site problem always check the info provided by your debrid site on hosts up & down, daily limits & Service announcements.

Loads of devs use URLresolver to resolve links in their addons. The main Dev in charge of URLresolver is ELDORADO from & This is a link to the code .

For reporting problems with URLresolver please go to

For more info check



Brief insight into URLresolver


Big Thanks to Tommy again for taking the time out to explain the following to me and i hope the info will some of you understand how complex the procedure is and the amount of work that goes into it.




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