Buffering In Kodi – How to Stop it?

Buffering In Kodi

Buffering In Kodi


Buffering in Kodi …

What is the cause?

What is the solution?


Buffering will occur to every Kodi streamer in the world.

Members on Forums and the like are always asking “why is my system/box buffering all the time”.


Who is at Fault?

Well you might ask yourself.


Question – Is it the developers?

Answer – No.


I will try to explain to the best of my knowledge what and should be the best things to do to prevent/reduce the buffering on Kodi.


1-Streaming – When you stream it comes from a source which then in turn goes to a server and then the server connects to the network so if there is a limitations then your not going to get the best streams.

2-Streaming times – As we all Know in my life time the busiest time for streaming is going to be Saturday afternoon. (Football) but all so times of the day in the week also have an impact on the source you are trying to stream from.

3- Where do you Live – Yes Yes Yes Servers have physical locations and there are some places on this earth (believe me or not) that cannot connect to the source as good as others so therefore could be impaired.

4- Internet conection – self explanatory? no need to go into any great detail hear, the higher the better.

5- Hardware – If streaming through your router then that could very well be the cause as that might not have the strongest WIFI power. The device your trying to stream from might be in the same predicament as the router.


This is not buffering


1 Addons – when you click on an addon it connects to the web site then when you see the “loading” – “working” wheel/bar and it does not connect This is NOT Buffering.

2 PlaybackKodi will time out after 30/60 seconds to tell you that what ever you are trying to stream that IT doesnt work(the stream that is) Simple.

3 Stutter – Could be down to the fact that the machine/box you are using can not handle the stream quality you are trying to view.

4 Settings – well if your a connoisseur  then go a head but you could realy do yourself more damage than good because this will not SOLVE Buffering issues.



1 Reboot – Reboot the router and leave it for at least 5 minutes the same for the box your trying to stream off.

2 Services – you could always pay a subscription to a Debrid service which should limit the buffer.

3 Update – Earlier versions of Kodi might not be efficient as the latest so try to have the latest version of kodi.

4 Connection – well wireless or Ethernet, speaks for it self Ethernet is always gonna be the best.


OK that is as good as it gets.

Till the next time


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