cCloud Whats going on?

cCloud Whats going on?

cCloud Whats going on?

A few of you may have noticed that cCloud Kodi addon is down at the moment. (Well the ones of you that may have hung in there lol) The addon is just showing the message below:-

cCloud Whats going on?


Unfortunately the concept is a great one but flawed at the first hurdle, it requires a community to pull together.

Yes there are a lot of people in our wonderful community but if you take a closer look its a lot of the same people doing a lot of the work. There is also a lot of internal fighting which is not helping and a lot of the average users would not have an idea where to start.

Can you spare 20 mins a day and help this project?

You can read my article on how to become a cCloud Bird HERE  

Bane the Dev behind cCloud had this to say since

cCloud TV is not going anywhere!

So in the post i will be describing in details why the service was temporary disabled since a lot of users have asked if cCloud TV was gone for good and the answer is no cCloud TV is here to stay for years to come.

The idea for cCloud TV project was where community helps out each other to have stable IPTV service but sad part is we do have small community who helps out here and there but not enough community to make the future of IPTV.

cCloud TV has and will always will be free for everyone. So my point is i’m not asking for money but instead i’m just asking you guys to spare 15-30 minutes or less of your daily time to find IPTV links of your favorite channel that you want to watch.

So let’s say your favorite channel is HBO, then you will find the link for HBO and then you will simply upload to cCloud from there you get to share your favorite channel with the entire community. To have stable Free IPTV service, We have built the tools for you guys in cCloud TV Framework. cCloud TV Framework was built for the future of IPTV where we have put in a lot of hours to build the awesome features as giving the community option to replace offline links, where each channel can have up to 3 links if the first one goes down then framework will replace the default link with working link, where users can upload any links they want and it will show up on the channels list for all of the devices and list goes on and on with other hidden features which will be releasing soon in upcoming version.

Currently we have more users then helpers and which is the reason why i was forced to temporary disable the service for kodi and plex users only however Web version of cCloud TV is still up and running so you guys can slowly try to help out until we bring the support for kodi and plex back which won’t be long since it depends on you the community how soon you guys want it to bring it back. Kodi users i know you guys are complaining about long list of channels but guess what new upcoming update is coming soon with custom guide from iVue where we have been working as team to build the future of IPTV where the long list of channels will be organized just the way you guys want along with it filters.cCloud TV was made for people from all around the world where they can watch free tv on almost any platforms without having any types of restrictions.

We have made everything simple as possible where users just click, play and stream on kodi, plex and of course web app. Following message is for all of the users who have asked me to setup donation link to support the project well i thank you guys kindly i work 2 jobs and i have enough money for food and shelter and that’s all i need specially en knowing the fact that money is not going with us after we leave this world but good deeds, karma will always will be there and it will be remember for years and years.

If you guys would like to help out, the only help i need is just IPTV links. I have tried to make everything simple as possible where i have written docs for you guys on how to find IPTV links and process for uploading to cCloud at following link HERE. If you guys have any questions or need any help on finding IPTV links, You can simply send me an email at [email protected] or join the cCloud Chat at HERE where community unites to build the future of IPTV.

I would like to thank you guys for reading and would like to thanks all of the users who has been big support for cCloud TV so until then just wait for it…


Anyway Guys Thanks for reading and hopefully we can see a comeback from this add on which made such a promising start when it first joined the community.

Lets all pull together and get this potential giant back on its feet.


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