Change your Menu bar in Kodi

Change your Menu bar in Kodi

Change your Menu bar in Kodi


Ok here we go again BFK Followers.

I have posted a few Blogs on BFK on how to spice your Kodi system up and make it your own.

Well here is another TASK for you all to get your system that 1 step closer to PERFECTION.

Today we are going to totally transform the menu bar from the default bar that we always see when we install XBMC/KODI.

One thing i would like to point out before we start, it would be an advantage if you have a little knowledge of PhotoShop, As this will be the program i will be using to manipulate the images to transfer into your Kodi folders.

I will also be using Notepad++ and a program called Kodi Texture Tool

You can get Notepad++ from HERE

You can get the Kodi Texture tool from HERE

Do i need to say anymore OR shall we get going?

Lets get going.

First we have to open PhotoShop and Design a menu bar (Same principle as if it was fro a web page)

The Dimensions i have used are 1000×80 pixels


So anyway thats not what this blog is about ITS how to change it.

But the Shot above will give you some idea on what you will be presented with when you open PhotoShop.

So lets take it that we have designed are Menu Bar and SAVED it as a PNG File to somewhere safe.

So now we have our,

Menu Bar (from PhotoShop)


Kodi Texture Tool

Now we have to get to the desired folder to change a few things within Kodi.

The first folder we need to get to is.


Once we are in that folder we need to find the Home.xml file.


Then we need to right click and Edit in Notepad++.


Once you click that you will be presented with Page of xml codeing jargon.

But thats OK because the beauty of using Notepad++ is it gives you line numbers and there for if you dont know what your looking for i will GIVE you the line number.

On the Build i am using Aeon Nox Silvo it is line 255 but i have used other builds and found the line you need to change on 243.


As above the Line you are looking to change is the homemenu back.png Line (sorry couldnt find my under score key)lol.

So we need to replace that text with the file name that you created in PhotoShop as your new Menu Bar.

This is what i saved mine as.


You will notice in the two above screen shots that the Top and Height Numbers differ (Thats cause i messed about with them i will explain at the end of the blog).

Ok once you have changed Line 255 to the name of your chosen PhotoShop file Click on File (top left) and save.

Now we have to open our Kodi Texture tool.


Then we need to select Input folder in the COMPILE MODE section.

I put mine in a folder called Media.


Once you click “Select Folder” you will see this?


Yes nothing there “Click” select folder again.

Thats good now you need to select the OUTPUT Folder.

I chose my Desktop (the reason being i believe this progrom DOES NOT LIKE folders with more than 2 words and spaces between then) Dont ask me i didnt Develope it.


Then in the file name i changed it to what we changed it in the PhotoShop and in Notepad++ blue


Then we click save.

Then we return to the Kodi Texture Tool.


Now we want to Hit START.


You will see the progress bar do its“THING”.

Ignore the COFFEE BIT lol,….should take 10/20 seconds (Depending on how big you made the file in PhotoShop)

So where ever you set your output folder you should end up with a file in there like this.

A xbt file.


So what we need to do now is COPY this file and PASTE it in the Kodi section.


As we did at the beginning of the blog but now we need to go into the Media folder.

Change your Menu bar in Kodi

And right click and Paste.


And your file will be Transferred.


So thats it.

Did it work? Lets find out.

Open your Kodi.

Change your Menu bar in Kodi

S**T NO……………

Ok lets go to System as above.

Then Appearances.


Then if you go to Skin Then Slide over to Theme.


It will be set on the Default skin setting, Use the UP/DOWN arrow to change to the Theme you have just created.

Change your Menu bar in Kodi

As i went through this blog the above screen shot was what i called my File (blue).

Once you find the theme you should end up with a menu bar that you created in PhotoShop.

Change your Menu bar in Kodi

Change your Menu bar in Kodi

So there you have it Guys and Gals.

Hope this as been some kind of help to the PeePs who want to have a dabble and MESS there Kodi up lol (just joking).

Have FUN.

And i will post something Different next time.


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