Create Your Own Build in Kodi 17 Part 1


Good Afternoon guys and girls Grendel takes a look at how to Create your own build in kodi 17. This is Part 1 of a new series of blogs that he is going to write. Be sure to follow this well written series of blogs and create your own build that you can be proud of.


Create Your Own Build in Kodi 17 Part 1


Ok guys so the time has finally come.

It’s time I re-visited the ever popular “Create your Own Build” series with a view to Kodi 17.

Now I realise that might sound a bit scary to some of you and believe me it did to me but Sparky has finally twisted my arm and made me see the light.

With fellow Bestforkodi bloggers and favourites Ezzerman and Megamind already having some cracking builds out there in 17, I have to admit it’s high time to take a look at it in a bit more detail.

Well what were my initial thoughts?

The first thing I did was to have a quick looks at those splendid builds  provided by the above mentioned Ezzerman and Megamind just to get a feel for it. The main thing that I noticed was just how much “smoother” the whole experience seemed. Now I admit this may be partly due to he excellent product in using right now, being the T8 V from Entertainment Box. (Take a look at my review of this box by clicking here).

I think that I’ve looked at enough builds now however to notice a few performance differences and these do seem to have something that I just couldn’t put my finger on!

It was time for me to bite the bullet and go for a fresh install of 17 to find out what it’s all about.

Back to my first impressions again and I have to say when it comes to applying some of the same tasks as we looked at the build creation series, OMG!

Far more comprehensive, yes. Far more options, yes. Huge amount of options, yes.

But is it easier? Yes, yes, yes!

Enough of this, let’s actually take a look and see if we can dispel a few myths and perhaps persuade a few of you to have a dabble for yourself!

Let’s start right where we did with the original series and take a look at skins. More appropriately let me show you how to load and install a skin that I believe is the perfect canvas on which to start your build and show you some tips. Of course, there are plenty of others out there and feel free to experiment, but for what we will look at in this mini series I will stick to this one. Its called Xonfluence and is provided in the Helly Repo.

This particular skin is not one that is included in the standard options so you will need to download it.

Click here to download the zip file.

I will assume you have already loaded yourself up fresh install of 17. If not, why not click here to see how to update your current version.

Once you have got yourself a fresh install of Kodi 17 and have downloaded the zip file we are ready to go !

Let’s go ahead now and install install the Xoflnuence skin.

Click on Add-ons

Now Click on the left hand symbol above Video add-ons (the one that looks like an open box)

Now click on Install from zip file

You may now see this message

Don’t worry, click on settings and enable this option

OK, now go back and click on Install from zip file again.

Select your Download folder

The helly repo zip file should be in there if you have already downloaded it.

Select the zip file and hit ok.

You should get a notification that it has installed.

Now click on Install from repository

Select the Helly Reop

Now click on Look and feel

Now select skin

Then Xonfluenece

Now click on Install

Select the most recent version and wait for it to install

Once its done click on yes to switch to the Xonfluence skin

Please now make sure you re-start kodi for the skin to take effect.

And here we go, all done

This skin really makes many of the Kodi 17 build creation features easy and accessible for all. Some of those quite tricky options we looked at before like widgets using favourites and sub menu creation become a piece of cake, believe me.

Hold tight and stand by for the next blog when we take a look at those Menu items, structures and submenus.

Be sure to take a look at the previous series of Create your Own Build by clicking here.

Give us a follow on Twitter to keep in touch with all the latest tips and tricks.

In the meantime

Keep Dabbling

Create Your Own Build in Kodi 17 Part 1

Create Your Own Build in Kodi 17 Part 1

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