Create Your Own Build in Kodi 17 Part 3

Create Your Own Build in Kodi 17 Part 3

Join Grendel for Create Your Own Build in Kodi 17 Part 3, the blog series starts look at the cool stuff you can do when making your own build. Don’t relie on others create your own masterpieces and make your own build.

Create Your Own Build in Kodi 17 Part 3

OK guys, time to have a look at some cool stuff now.

This time we are going to look at linking up the main menu items with your Add-ons and creating some submenus.

I don’t know what Add-ons you will be using and that is, of course, entirely up to you. The process we are going to follow however is exactly the same.

Right now just for ease I have limited myself to just a few Add-ons so as just to make the process clear for you. When it comes to creating your own build I would strongly urge you to consider the number of Add-on that you use.

This will make your build far more efficient and also prevent your system becoming clogged and in the end, slowing down. The trend nowadays is to use minimal Add-ons focusing on quality over quantity, so chose wisely.

If your’e anything like me, you will find yourself coming back to just a few Add-ons anyway so these become the obvious choices to get you started.

I am going to use the ever popular Exodus as my main choice for movies. Click here for more details on this great Add-on

For Sports I will use a mix of UK Turks (click here for details) and SportsMania, which requires a paid sub but is a super reliable Add-on.

Box sets I always come back to Dandymedia (click here for details)

For some Live TV, I will use a mix from UK Turks and Gobble (click here for details)

So let’s get straight into it.

Looking back at the previous series what we are about to do now really is so much simpler.

The first thing we can do is create a menu item that takes us directly to a specific Add-on.

Let’s go into System and Skin Settings.

Just like in the previous blog, go to Home menu and select the Main menu item you want to edit.

I will chose Main menu item number 4

Now instead of choosing Kodi command like we did last time, choose Add-on.

You can now select the Add-on you want to use for this Main menu item.

I will select UK Turk.

Once you select it you will now see that the name for the item is already populated. You can change this now as it’s best to use as short a name as you can. That way it won’t take up so much space on your main menu.

Now, back on the Main menu you see we have an item called UK Turk that takes us right to it. Cool.

One click and we’re in

However, when it comes to certain items such as movies you may want to access sources from multiple Add-ons. This leads us nicely into setting up sub menus.

This is so much simpler in Kodi 17 and the easiest way to do it is by setting up what is called Sub Menu “Sets”.

Let’s see how to do this.

Same again, System and Skin settings

Now select Submenu

From the top item on the top right (blue) you can chose from some pre-set selections which is great but we will define our own. So chose a User Selection.

We are now creating a Sub Menu Set, so lets give it a name. Click on User friendly name and go ahead. I will call mine Cinema1.

Now go to Submenu item 1 and click on it.

We get a new list of options now with some cool pre-set choices again including links straight to Add-ons or Favourites.

As we are custom building, chose Video Menu then Video Nodes. This will allow us to actually go to a specific location within an Add-on or Play List.

Select Video Add-ons

Select the Add-on you want to use. Exodus for me here.

Now the location within the Add-on

Now just trust it and select OK

Delete where it says Nodes and type in the name you want for this item. I will call mine New Movies and click Done

Now just repeat the above steps for as many sub menu items as you want in this Set. The great thing about doing it this way is that each item does not have to be from the same Add-on.

When you’ve done this don’t worry if your sub menu items don’t show up on the main menu. All we have done so far is create the sub menu set. We now need to link the set we’ve created to a Main menu item

So its back to System and skin settings

Go to Home menu and select the Menu Item you wish to attach your sub menu set to. In my case Movies.

Select Sub menu set

You should now see the set you created. And there is mine called Cinema1, so I will click it.

Now when you go back to the Main menu you will see that the magic has happened.

Of course you can use the exact same method as above if you had a Main menu item linking directly to an Add-on. You can easily create a sub menu set for quick access to specific locations within that Add-on. You will see this used a lot by many popular Kodi builders.

OK guys, you’ve got plenty to be getting on with now so have a dabble and be sure to look out fro Part 4 in this series when we will look at adding some cool on screen features such as Widgets and Add-on Icons.

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In the meantime

Keep Dabbling

Create Your Own Build in Kodi 17 Part 3

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