Create Your Own Build in Kodi 17 Part 4

Create Your Own Build in Kodi 17 Part 4


Create Your Own Build in Kodi 17 Part 4

OK guys, I hope you’ve had fun setting up those Main menus and Sub menus.

I’m sure you will agree the concept of setting up the Sub menu “sets” is a great one a really makes things simple.

If you are not up to speed on what we did in the last blog the please click here to read it now.

Well if you did find the Sub menu sets easy you’re going to love this next one.

In this blog we are going to look at adding some Widgets to our main menu items to really give our build a super cool look.

If you remember when we did this in the last series it really was quite an involved process.

Well nothing could be further from the truth in Kodi 17 with the Xonfluence skin.

To make things as simple as they can be, the first thing to do is have a think and decide which Add-on locations you would like to widgetize.

(I think I just made up a new word there!)

Ok, once you’ve decided, navigate yourself to that specific location.

Here I’m in Exodus and I’m going to set up a widget for the In Theaters section.

Create Your Own Build in Kodi 17 Part 4

Highlight the section and bring up the context menu on your system. You will remember doing this from the last series of not, it’s usually one of these.

Press the “c” button on your keyboard or on your remote press the menu button.

This will bring up a menu and give you the option to add the selected item to your Favourites.

While your at it, repeat this for any other locations that you may also want to widgetize!

With that done let’s go straight back into System and Skin settings.

Select Home menu and the menu item of your choice.

I am using the Movies Menu item.

Now select Widget set.

This gives us a new menu and we will use Custom widgets – Favourites.

You will now see the favourites you just set up, so click the one you want to use for this widget.

You will now you will be back to the Home menu. Notice in the Widget set section you will see the path to your widget. This means you are on the right track.

You can now also select between widget formats of thumbnail or poster.  I like poster but to be honest. I also like them to be a bigger than standard. Luckily there is a way to make them bigger.

Go to System and Skin settings then into the General menu.

Scroll down till you find, Enable large home widgets. Click it.

While in here you can also can change the amount of widgets tiles shown.

Scroll to Custom widget limit amount. The default is 10 but you can increase it here. I will up it to 30.

Now things look a lot better.

You can now go ahead and set up more widgets if you like using the favourites you did earlier.

Another quick tip that looks cool is to link Add-on icons with Main menu items.

Let’s take a quick look.

Once again it’s System and Skin settings.

We are going to create an Add-on set much like we did for the Sub menus in the last blog.

Select Add-ons and click on the User friendly name and enter a name for your Add-on set.

I will call mine Addset1.

Now click on Add-on 1 and select video Add-ons and then the Add-on you want to use.

Repeat this for as many as you would like to include in the set.

A cool feature here is you can also select favourites to use in the set if you wish.

Choose Selected favourites instead of video Add-one for this option.

This way you can actually insert an icon for a specific location within an Add-on. I like this a lot!

Ok, once the Set is complete we now need to link it to a Main menu item just like we did with the Sub menu set last time.

System, Skin settings and home menu. Select the item if your choice and then click on Add-on set. You should see the one you just created. Mine is Addset1. Select it.

Back out and boom! There it is!

These Icons are now clickable shortcuts!

I just love how easy this is on Kodi17 with the Confluence skin.

I am really looking forward to seeing just what you guys can achieve with your builds this time.

Give us a follow in Twitter @Bestforkodi and send us some screenshots. If you’re lucky Sparky will re-tweet the best ones and your build will be shown to our 45.5 thousand followers !

Next time we will look at giving the build a more personal feel with some backgrounds and colours etc.

Keep your eyes peeled on the site for it guys.

Give us a follow on Twitter to keep in touch with all the latest tips and tricks.

In the meantime

Keep Dabbling

Create Your Own Build in Kodi 17 Part 4

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