Create your own RSS feed In Kodi


Create your own RSS feed In Kodi

Hello BFK’ers

Today is all about the RSS FEED i was asked if i could do a tutorial on how to Create your own RSS feed in Kodi so i am going to show you from start to finish, ie Make your own xml file , Upload it, Get the url link, make it show up in your Build in Kodi and if thats not enough i will show you how to update it.

WoW lol ok get your self a coffee/Beer as this could be a long one ūüėČ

Ok what do we need?

Notepad++ or (similar for Android).

Archive account (or hosing site).


First lets make the xml file with Notepad++

Ok so if we open Notepad++ this is what it is going to look like,… Nothing in there at all.



So if we start typing our text from line 1 till it looks like Below.




Thats the format for the xml. So now we can create our RSS Feed with the information that you want to show on your build.



For this tutorial this is what mine is going to show in the RSS Feed bar in kodi.



So once we have done the above we need to save as a xml file, If we go to the top left hand corner and click on file then save as.



There we can name the file what we want and what extension we need to save as.


This what i saved mine as.



Then the box under the File name is the save file type. Look through till you see xml.



Then hit the Save tab.


OK you have just created your very own RSS FEED.xml file.


Ok now you need to create an Archive account if you dont have one already. (Link is above)

Once thats done open and sign into your account.

Now for uploading the xml file to your account.

Once signed in you will see a little upload arrow next to your user name.Click on it.



Then you will get another Prompt to upload your file.Click the green Upload tab.



As the image says below Drag and drop OR Manually go and find it through the Choose files to Upload.



Then you will be prompted to fill in the two RED fields NOTE it doesnt matter what you put in them it is immaterial.



Now at the bottom you will see the Upload and Create Your Item tab Click on that.


Now you file will start to upload.



Now our next page should be Show all Files. We need to click on that.



Now you will see the files that you have just Uploaded. It is the (In my case) The RSStest.xml file that we want.


So now we want the URL link for this file and to do that if we Right click it and “copy Link Location” in the pop out tab.


And for this purpose i have just pasted it in Notepad just to show you. So if you can put that http link somewhere and save it as we are going to use that link in Kodi.





Ok now to put that link in kodi.

Open Kodi and go to System.


Others Make sure “Show RSS news feed” is ticked then Click on Edit.

You will be promped with a download editor Click YES.

The next stage will be to edit the RSS feed to your Personal one you have created.

Here you will see the Default RSS Feeds that Kodi comes with.

There are 3 feeds and what we want to do is  DELETE TWO OF THEM ONLY

To do that just highlight one then click on REMOVE  repeat that for the next one.

Now we should have only one left.

Click on the one remaining http link to bring up your Key Board with the link already in there.

Delete that link and put in your link that you created and sent to Archive.

Put your new one in then click Done.

On the next prompt use the default 30 and click OK.

You will see that your new RSS Feed has replaced the default one

Now if you reboot Kodi you will see that you now have your own RSS Feed.

So now you have your own RSS Feed in Kodi.


Ok so you have updated your build but now you want to update your RSS Feed to let people know?

Here is how we go about it.


The name of the xml file you created HAS TO STAY THE SAME otherwise it will not update.

So at the beginning of this tutorial i created a xml called RSStest.xml This needs to stay the same at all times.

So if we open our RSS FEED File in Notepad++ this is what we created.


So you want to edit it this is my Edit for my file just for the purpose of this Tutorial.



Once we have made changes all we have to do this time is click SAVE. Save will keep it the same file name and the same file extension.


Now we have to open our Archive account back up and sign in.

Once signed in click your username and then My Library.

That will take you to were you uploaded the RSS Feed file . Click on the icon of your file.

That in turn will take you to a page were we can edit and upload your new edited RSS File.

As you see below Click on the EDIT under the book looking icon.

Then we need to click on “I want to change the Files.


So now we will see all the files our RSS Feed file consists of.

We want to DELETE the (In my case) The RSStest,xml File.



To delete the file right click on that file. And you will see Delete simply click on it.


You will get a warning just click Yes.



Now we want to add our new file WITH THE SAME FILE NAME. So if we right click in the white box area we will get the same pop out box. Click the Add Tab


Now go and find your newly edited RSS Feed File. Then click Open.


You will see the file get added, Once its added click on the upload tab next to the Add tab.


That then will upload your new file. You will know when it is done as there will be a tick next to it.


Now scroll down a little and click on Update item.



You will get the Updating bar


Once its updated click the start on the next screen to start the update straight away.


Well all we have to do now is go to our Kodi and see if it worked?……. Dont have kodi running reboot it if you have.


And that there is the extra line i added to the RSS Feed.xml

Create your own RSS feed In Kodi

So there you go BFK’ers thats how to Create your own RSS Feed in Kodi from start to finish.

Hope  this was of some use to some of you.

Till next time, Be Good




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Create your own RSS feed In Kodi

Create your own RSS feed In Kodi



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