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Good Morning Guys and Girls have a treat for you this morning, Grendel takes a look at the brand new D5 Android watch in this D5 Android Smartwatch Review. Whats the device like? Is it worth considering? Will it make an amazing Christmas gift?


Well guys, we’ve got something a little bit different for you today.

We have a review of the new No1 D5 Smartwatch from our great friends over at Entertainment Box.

First of all a big thanks to them for allowing us to take a look at this product and tell you all about it.

These guys really are your first stop for all of products and come highly recommended by all the BFK Team.

Well, things are changing a bit lately and it does seem that the Smartwatch is becoming one of the “must have products” out there.

I have to say this is the first product like this I have taken a look at and it really does open up a whole new world of instant accessibility. OK, so maybe you’ve already got a laptop or desktop at home and a smartphone, why would you want a Smartwatch? I guess it’s all about convenience? Perhaps you don’t always want to carry your smartphone with you, why not have so many of those features right there on your wrist?

Of course there are also some cool features that the D5 watch offers such as a barometer, a pedometer and a heart rate function which you can’t always get on other devices.

While you won’t find me or any of the other BFK bloggers jogging between salad bars. It’s still nice to measure how far it is from the pub to the kebab shop or how much your heart rate changes watching your favourite team on that perfect Kodi stream you just learnt all about on our website.

What do you get in the box?

Right, lets have a look at this little beauty. It comes neatly packaged in its own bespoke box and Entertainment Box, being the super efficient company they are, also send you a USB plug for charging.


Regarding charging, the D5 comes with a super neat little charging dock. I have read that this is a vast improvement on previous models as this one fits perfectly into the back of the D5 with a neat cut out for the button.  The dock itself contains a magnet which aids securing the D5 in place during charging. I popped it in and connected up the USB cable and within a couple of hours it was fully charged and ready to go.

Also supplied in the box is a basic instruction leaflet together with a Mini Screwdriver and some spare screws. The screwdriver is for removing the back of the D5 so you can insert your own SIM Card. The screws are small so it really is a good idea to have some spares, just in case. You will also find a handy screen protector in the box.

Watch Faces

The first thing I did was have a scroll through some of the many watch faces that come as standard pre-loaded on the D5. I am sure there are loads more available on-line if you have a quick browse but the selection offered gives you some cool choices. A few are shown below.

img_5069 img_5070 img_5071

img_5074 img_5075 img_5076 img_5077

Navigation on the watch is via the side button together with various taps. Double taps, vertical and horizontal swipes on the screen.

Learning these is a bit of trial and error to be honest although there are a few online guides which can help.



Probably the best feature on the D5 is the wi-fi support which allows you to connect to the internet without having a data plan (unlike similar devices). Within moments I was connected to the internet via my home wireless and was looking at my favourite sites right there on my wrist.


OK, your not going to get the full visual experience on a 1.3 inch screen but the resolution is great and once you have mastered the basics of navigation, it’s really good fun !


The Wi-Fi, GPS and mobile network antennae are mounted within the leather strap on the D5 so please don’t try replacing the strap for an alternative, not that I think you would anyway as the leather one suits it just fine.

SIM Card

OK, back to those little screws and screwdriver supplied with the D5. I used the screwdriver to remove the rear of the watch in order to provide you with this photo showing the SIM card slot within the watch.  It was a simple enough operation to remove the back but a bit more tricky replacing it. I didn’t lose any of the screws but I can see why spares are supplied just in case.

img_5055 img_5054

With a SIM inserted the Watch becomes self sufficient regarding phone calls and data. You can of course connect to smartphone via Bluetooth to make and receive calls messages and notifications.

Within the Watch Helper section on the D5 is a QR code which you can scan. This allows you to download a Bluetooth pairing assistant.




You can also tether the D5 to your smartphone for Access to the Web.




Music is super easy to either download via the normal sources or transfer using the USB docking station. The sound quality is better than you might expect.

The D5 also has Bluetooth connectivity which I tried with a basic portable speaker and it worked without a hitch.

I am not lucky enough to own any Bluetooth headphones. I am sure if you’ve got some it will work and be another pretty cool feature (especially when out and about).

It may also be a good idea to connect it to a Bluetooth keyboard just to make the typing process a bit simpler until you get more used to it.


In the Gym

The heart rate monitor works great and offers you the ability to look back at previous measurements to analyse your data.

The monitor  links to many of the watch faces giving you real time readings.

I have a Fitbit HR and ran several concurrent heart rate checks finding very little variation between the readings on the two devices.

There are loads of Apps that you can download onto the D5 to utilise this feature more. This will make your gym time more interactive and informative.

The same is true for the Pedometer feature supplied as standard on the D5.





Links to Google Play and other App stores are pre loaded so the world is at your fingertips.

 I did find several on-line videos describing a huge number of Smartphone Apps which offer hours of entertainment.

Particularly good fun are some of the voice control apps which work great.

I watched a couple of You Tube videos actually on the D5 right there on my wrist which was strangely surreal yet satisfying.



Battery life of the D5 will depend on how many of the features (especially mobile network) you are using. To be honest I have found it to be adequate considering all it can do.

I do think however, if you plan on using the D5 for a lot of internet or Bluetooth applications. I would ensure you give it some juice on a daily basis.

Just while writing this I got a cool little sound and notification come up on the D5. It was informing me that I only have 20% power left so I’d better speed things up a bit!

Technically speaking, the D5 runs on a custom-skin Android 4.4 OS. In terms of hardware, it uses dual-core MTK6572, with 4GB ROM and 512MB RAM. It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and a mobile network (2G: 850/900/1800/1900, 3G: 850/2100). Its screen resolution is 360×360, 1.3-inch round face, 450mAh battery.


You can view the full specification of the D5 by clicking right here.


In summary its just like any Android device.

You can make calls.

Send messages,

Browse Internet.

Check your location via GPS.

Install Android apps via Google Play store.

You can also connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and create a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Listen to music.

Use Google Now to set up voice commands on the D5.

You can connect to any Bluetooth device like a headset, keyboard, mouse, remote or smartphone.

If you have some Android OS experience. Yes its going to help but its not at all necessary for this product.

The D5 is all about charging it up and just having some fun.

If you’re are looking to get into using a Smartwatch. Simply want an interactive device to use at the Gym? The D5 is a great place to get started. It looks cool, works well and won’t break the bank.

Remember the great 30 day guarantee that Entertainment box offers on all its products, you cant go wrong.

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In the meantime

Keep dabbling


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