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I thought I would put together a quick blog review of a new build just arrived on the scene. This blog shows Dales Build. I know the choice of build we decide to put on our precious devices is endless and to be honest “there is none as good as your own” but I do like browsing around to see what others are up to.


If you are interested in creating or editing your own build please take a look at my series of blogs right here on Bestforkodi.com.


Click here to find a list of all the available “Create your Own Build” blogs


OK, I will include details of how to load this build at the end of the blog, but for now let’s take a look inside it and see what it looks like.


There was an initial version of this build that had an interface that would appeal to Apple users but it seems that due to some less than positive feedback it has been modified slightly to this current version.


We at Bestforkodi hope this original build makes a comeback as we are sure it will be popular. Watch this space for news.


Once installed here is the first look.




It uses the popular Black Glass Nova Skin which has a clean smooth look and feel with easy navigation.




Catchup TV is the first main menu item and what is cool is that apart from a few, the majority of the main menu items only carry three sub menu items, keeping the size of the build down which is a very popular trend right now.

The football catchup section (Ares FootBall) is bang up to date and a great edition, especially since the demise of one of my favourite addons “Sparkys Football Highlights”




Next is the Add-ons section with a link to the Ares Wizard and Add-On Installer




The Live Sport Section is the one that contains far more submenu items than the others, understandably so.

In here we can find, Moneysports, Valhalla, UKTurks, Pro Sports, Robocop, Castaway, Zem TV and LWS Live.




Movies / TV Shows is headed out with the superb UK Turks with Velocity, Royal We and Exodus rounding off pretty much all you need.




Raw Maintenance includes the usual tools.




Same for Settings.




However, you will find one of the cool feature of the Black Glass Nova skin in here. Click on “Go Black Glass” and your display is transformed to one of and enlarged view of the Main menu items.

Click “Go Black Glass Nova” to return to the original view.




The Quit section gives you what you need for a quick exit.




Always popular is a Kids section and this one gives links to three of the best out there right now.




Finally a Live TV Section headed off with one of my favourites at the moment, Renegades TV.




All in all Dales build is worth a look if you are after something just a little bit different, it has almost a “modern retro” feel to it if that makes sense?


Due to the concentration of fewer Add-ons, it’s size is great making it suitable for a wide range of devices so why not follow the guide below and give it a try.


To install Dales Build.

Download the Ares Wizard by clicking here


Go to Browse Builds.




Scroll to the bottom and select Assorted Builds.



Select Dales Build and click Install.




As always with builds,  once its installed you need to first close Kodi then re-start your device for the changes to take effect







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