EBox T8-4 Review – Latest TV Box from EntertainmentBox

T8 4 REVIEW EBox T8-4 Review - Latest TV Box from EntertainmentBox

EBox T8-4 Review – Latest TV Box from EntertainmentBox. Here I look at what this latest Kodi TV Box has to offer. In what looks like it could be one of the best boxes yet. This leader of the T8 family has some impressive specifications.


Let’s take a look:

I’ve been looking forward to doing this review for a few weeks, since I first caught wind of the fact our good friends over at www.entertainmentbox.com were releasing a brand new Box.

So, here we are with the EBox T8-4 Review.

As a long-time user of the T8 range of devices from the original through the T8-AML-V2, the T8-AML-V3 and then the absolutely fantastic T8-AML-V3s (a review of which can be found here). I was like a kid in a sweetie shop when EntertainmentBox told me what they had planned for this device. I was even more excited when after much persuasion (or begging as it’s otherwise known) they kindly agreed to pop me one over to review for them.


The T8-4 is available to purchase here.


So let’s get to the nitty-gritty.


The 1st thing you notice when you receive your device is the highly professional branded packaging that it arrives in.



Once you have opened the box, you will find the T8-V4 Smart Box itself along with the Infrared Remote Control, Power Adaptor, HDMI Cable and an EntertainmentBox User Guide, which with me being a typical bloke went straight in the bin as we don’t need instructions to set anything up.



Unlike the older T8 range which were all similar in look, if not specifications. This new T8-4 has a completely different look as you can see.

In a striking silver, this box looks the mutts nutts. A raised lip on the bottom of the device offers much improved cooling, with the underneath offering an easy access door for access to the SATA hard drive if you have one.



A fantastic and bright LED front with time makes the box stand out against the silver chassis and black glass front. Personally I think it looks far more modern and will look fantastic on any TV stand.

A quick look round about the Device and on the top you can see the Premium Metal Housing to keep it nice and cool during heavy usage, the EntertainmentBox exclusive branding, a lovely glass fronted display with the Power Button and the all important clock display.

At the side you will find your two USB slots along with the Sd/Mmc card slot and the Restore button.
Underneath the Device you will find an Easy Click access to connect a Sata Internal Hard-Drive to the Device.

No more messing about or wondering what the four screws are for like on the T8-Aml-V3s.



Having this Sata Drive housing makes the possibilities of this Device endless, from adding your own collection of Retro -gaming Roms and Emulators, to your own TV, Video, Photo’s and Music Libraries without the worry of running out of storage or slowing your Device down.



As we know with these types of devices looks, while important aren’t the main reason for buying them, which brings me nicely to the Device Specs.


Out goes the older S812 Amlogic Processor and in comes the S905 64bit Cortex-A53 up to 2GHz Processor along with the following:

New Aluminium Housing for better cooling.

Android 5.1.1 Lollipop OS.

Penta-Core ARM-450 GPU.

16GB eMMc Internal Storage.


RJ45 GigaBit Ethernet.

Dual Band Wi-Fi.

HDMI 2.0 up to 4k x 2k.

2 High speed USB 2.0 (Supports USB Disk and USB HDD).

Composite Audio/Video output, support all television.

Support all standard  SD/HD/UHD video output formats: 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p, 1080i/p, 4k.

Support 3D HDMI display.


So, that’s the outside of the device, but what about the inside?


On start up you are firstly greeted with the EntertainmentBox Bootloader screen and then quickly onto the Main Homepage Custom Launcher where the fun really begins.

Here as u can see we have the Ebox Media Center (EBMC) which is based on Kodi 16.1 along with various shortcuts. Browser, your Settings, Ebox’s own apps and of course the shortcut to all your important Apps that bring this Media Player to life.
Everything on this launcher is in one easy place. EBox have really gone the whole nine yards in offering as much support as they can on this box. Opening up the EBox Apps Hub gives you quick an easy access to all the apps that EBox provide including a great quick support feature where they can assist you if you get into any problems with your device.

There are quite a few stand out apps on this device.

One of them being the EBox PlayBox Market. This is basically your easy one stop shop for Retro Games. This apps makes it easier to download the retro games quickly as they are all located in one handy place. So, whether you were a Sonic or Mario fan back in the good old days. This app can help you relive your childhood.

You will need a Gamepad to play the games, but luckily EntertainmentBox are also offering an iPega Gamepad in their bundle packages for this device.


Another great feature of the latest boxes from EntertainmentBox is the OTA App.

We did a run down on the OTA App last year here.
For those that don’t know, the OTA app takes away the hassle of updating firmware. When a new firmware is released, simply open up the OTA app and let it do it’s magic. This is a great feature from EntertainmentBox and much needed from the old way of having to download firmware, place it on an SD card and manually do it.
Among the Pre Installed apps are Google Playstore, Aptoide Market, BBC i-Player, FilmOn live TV app, Netflix, TV CatchUp and many more as u can see from the pictures below.

Scrolling through all the various apps on this is quick, effortless and seemless due the new Amlogic S905 processer onboard which becomes apparently obvious when u start up the EboxMc App.
The speed and fluency at which it scrolls through the menus is impressive to say the least.


For those of you who haven’t yet tried EBMC. It has all of EntertaimentBox’s help videos pre-installed on it for ease of access if you get unsure on exactly how these Devices work. Included on it is EBox’s very own RSS Feed with all the latest up-to the minute news.

I have used a lot of boxes. The T8-4 is most impressive box I have used to date.

In terms of speed, it is the quickest box in the T8 family and extremely responsive. The design is beautiful. The silver is very striking and looks superb against my other devices. The launcher is extremely user friendly and makes navigation a breeze. The all in one collection for the EBox apps make life so much easier.

Whether you already have a box, are looking to upgrade or you are simply looking to purchase your first one. The T8-4 should be on the top of your list. You will not go wrong by purchasing this device.

The T8-4 is available to purchase from EntertainmentBox.com at this link.

It is available as a stand alone package or part of various combo packages with different accessories at a reduced cost. We highly recommend getting yourself a premium remote, as this will make navigating around the box a whole lot easier. If you are someone that will download games etc, then you may also want to look at an additional hard drive.

Let me know on Twitter if you pick one of these bad boys up and what you think of it. I hope you liked this EBox T8-4 Review.

Don’t forget the T8-4 is available to purchase from EntertainmentBox.com at this link.


EBox T8-4 Review


The guys at EntertainmentBox have also done an unboxing video of the T8-4.



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