EBox TV Stick Review – Dual Boot Windows 10 and Android

EBox TV Stick Review - Dual Boot Windows 10 and Android


Good Afternoon Guys and Girls Grendel brings you another device review. This time the eagerly awaited EBox TV Stick Review. How does this new stick hold up and perform? Have a read and see.

EBox TV Stick Review – Dual Boot Windows 10 and Android


Time for another quick review guys and this time it’s the new EBox TV stick.

The Smart TV stick market is one that has taken off in recent years largely down the the fact that today’s technology is getting so advanced it’s able to come in much smaller packages. This means of course products that simply plug direct into your TV just like this one.

This particular device boasts a Cherry Trail Z8300 chip, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, Android 5.1 AND Windows 10.

I am sure we are all aware of the array of similar products on the market especially the Firestick. While myself and the BFK team are by no means experienced in the use of Firesticks we do respect the many Kodi users out there currently employing this device. Whilst we cannot always offer direct support to Firestick users we can often point you in the right direction where you can get some help. Maybe we’ve got to start using Firesticks? What do you think? (eh No thanks Sparky ???)

Anyway, for this reason, do not expect this review to be a comparison between the EBox TV stick and the Firestick this is a purely independent review of the EBox TV stick itself.

Who knows after this maybe we will be converted to this type of product? One thing I know for sure is that Entertainment Box always supply’s top quality products and expecting this one to be no different.

Ok let’s take a look

Out of the box

EBox TV Stick Review - Dual Boot Windows 10 and Android

The EBox TV stick comes neatly packaged in a sturdy box which includes some peripherals.

Included is a short extension to allow easier connection to your HDMI port just in case it’s tucked away.


Also power leads and adaptor.


The one thing that could be improved here is the length of the power lead. It was just a bit too short to reach my nearest socket. I know this was also an issue with the initial EBox Air units and was quickly rectified by the guys at Entertainment Box.

However, if you own a TV with a spare USB port, you can actually power this device via that. This means you don’t even need that spare socket !

Around the EBox TV stick


The top of the device has a neat little blue LED to indicating all is fine..



Full Size USB 3.0 and Power lead port together with the power button


Mico SD Slot which is really useful from transferring data and a Micro USB port.

I slotted in my USB dongle for my Rii i12 keyboard into the vacant USB of the EBox TV stick and eagerly got ready to fire it up.

I would certainly recommend purchasing such a keyboard or similar remote device such as the S77 Air Mouse just to make life easy. The options are all there at the time of purchase on the Entertainment Box Website.

You can find reviews of our recommend products below.

S77 Pro Air Mouse

R11 i12 Keyboard

Also included is an instruction leaflet giving you details on how to connect the EBox TV stick.

Ok, now we’re all plugged in a quick press of the power button on the EBox TV stick and we’re away.

Now, the EBox TV stick is a Dual Boot Device, what does that mean?

Basically, it means you can use the device with either Windows 10 or Android 5.1, you get a choice each time the device starts up.


The 5.1 is adequate and the phone style home page gives us the button to open the Apps.



These include many of the favourites and of course you can load your own choices to join them.

There is also a shortcut tab here to your Windows Widgets

Of course the guys at Entertainment Box have pre-loaded EBoxMC so we have access to our favourite!

I just popped on the Wookie lite build to test a few things and all was dandy.

A quick look in the setting page and all looks re-assuringly familiar



Don’t be fooled guys this is a FULLY LICENSED and activated version of Windows 10


The windows side looks good. I have to admit, I’ve not had a lot of experience on Windows 10 but from what I can see everything is there.


I do like the File Explorer which makes navigation through the operating system simple.


The tiles all look neat and theres plenty already included to keep you busy for a while thats for sure. It does however look like you might just me needing that keyboard mentioned earlier.


One thing I did notice is that the TV stick was a bit tricky to connect to my Wireless.

However, I have had the same problem with similar devices that have been tucked away behind my TV. A combination of electrical interference and just the plain position if the device in my house is responsible for this I’m sure.

Its worth noting however that devices like this will certainly work at their optimum providing they can get a good look at your wireless signal and sometimes this can be difficult hiding behind the TV.

Heres a quick summary of the spec and this device does include some impressive items.

  • OS Version: OS Windows 10 (Trial Version) and Android 5.1
  • CPU: Intel Quad Core Atom x5-Z8300
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics
  • Processor Speed (max): 1.84 GHz
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Internal Memory: 32GB
  • External Memory: Support up to 128GB
  • Supported Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4G/5G)
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Built-in Intelligent Temperature Control Fan

For a full run-down of the details check it out on the Entertainment Box website by clicking here.

One the whole, would I swap my TV Box (currently T8 V) for a TV Stick, probably not, especially given the awesome performance of the T8V. However, this device is certainly more mobile without a doubt and would be a perfect travelling companion. Providing you can get access to an HDMI port its the perfect way to take your electronic belongings and TV Channels with you wherever you may go.

Be sure the check out all the great product reviews at Bestforkodi.com.

EBox TV Stick Review – Dual Boot Windows 10 and Android

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