Echo Coder joins TvAddons – Goodbye Echo wizard

 Echo Coder joins TvAddons - Goodbye Echo wizard

Good Morning Guys and Girls this blog will bring to you the breaking news from yesterdays announcement from Echo Coder, for those of you that are not on twitter or did not use the echo wizard yesterday evening.

Echo Coder joins TvAddons – Goodbye Echo wizard

Good Morning Guys so the big news that broke yesterday was that Echo Coder has decided to join the team at TvAddons.

To me this is a sad day, I have no issues with TvAddons or with Echo’s decision. Just sad that another independent developer has been gobbled up by the machine.

I personally feel that a developer can achieve more without the shackles and constraints of such groups. Lets hope I am wrong on this one.

TvAddons have been flexing their pulling power of late and approaching a lot of the top new independent developers. Alpha moving to phoenix was the first of many moves. This was an inspired move as in my eyes this has taken Phoenix to another level.

I have heard the Stream Army team are also moving to Tvaddons which will see the demise of Getaflix which is always a shame to see an addon go. Not one that i personally used a lot but i know from views and feedback from our site, that this addon will be missed. I have also heard of others that have been approached.

There is no doubt that TvAddons is one of the top teams of third party addon development. I can see why they snapped up Echo as his passion for addon development is second to none.

This was what Echo Coder had to say on the Move.


Thank you for opening Echo Wizard, however today I have some news.
From this point forth I will be moving to a fantastic community with TVAddons.
I am doing this as I believe it is the best way for me to contribute to the community and it gives me the best platform possible to move forward with my addon development.
Will no longer need to worry about the little things that come with what I do. i.e Maintaining a Server, moving hosts when they go down etc.
I will be able to concentrate purely on my addon development which means I can bring more content to the table.
So with this being said. You are seeing this message as today Echo Wizard closes.
I know and understand that Echo Wizard has become a major part of a lot of peoples Kodi lives over the last year so rest assured I am not just walking away from what has been done here.
I have assurances from TV Addons that I can bring my ideas into the development of Indigo.
One big change that you will notice is that TV ADDONS doesn’t support builds. This is for several reasons including security concerns (builds can contain malicious code or unsafe addons) and due to the fact that the large size of most builds actually result in slower performance. TV ADDONS does have their own Config Wizard function in Indigo in case anyone is interested in a preconfiguration.
It is my aim to get Indigo to surpass Echo Wizard and make it a better addition to your system than Echo Wizard ever was.
I hope you understand the decision and give me your full backing and support in the journey ahead.
Thank You!
Echo Coder


As you can see from above Echo is very driven in his decision and i can totally related to it. He can get back to what he loves rather than get tied up in the crap like servers and Hosts of  which will be taken care of by TvAddons.

I can also see why he has been put in charge of the development of Indigo. This addon has been a project doomed to fail since its launch. It was installed on all of our devices without our consent. This upset a large amount of users.

This was not a malicious install it was just replacing addons that we already had on our devices. It was just not communicated correctly at the time.

In my eyes Echo Wizard/Addon installer pisses all over Indigo. Lets hope Echo gets his way and we see a lot of the features from Echo wizard in Indigo. Still think its a shame as the Echo wizard i feel broke ground in bringing the community together. Even seeing the great addons from the team at Xunity and Dandymedia added to it. Something i though i would never see. So where does it leave them? Cant see them being in, or wanting to be in the new project.


To the point on builds which i don’t agree with one bit. As a team we review hundreds of builds and we have never come across malicious code or unsafe addons. We look at everything within a build with our experienced coders on our team. Builds slow down Kodi? Not that i have seen Builders take lots of time and effort in keeping build sizes down. This enables users of all devices from firesticks to shields to use their setups.

Still cant get my head round it TvAddons have the config wizard which in theory produces a build when it pre-configures your device. ?

I am hoping new homes for all the builds in the wizard can be found so they don’t go for good as well. Come on Wookie boys sign them all up for your community section. You know you want to!!

Anyway that’s enough of me going on. Congratulations to Echo hope all works out for him. He is joining a very experienced team. Lets hope its a match made in heaven.

Onwards and upwards looking forward to seeing where this leads and what amazing new addons will come out of this partnership.




Echo Coder joins TvAddons – Goodbye Echo wizard


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Echo Coder joins TvAddons - Goodbye Echo wizard

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