Edit your Kodi Skin using Notepad++

KODI SKINNING HELP TUTORIALS Edit your Kodi Skin using Notepad++

Good Evening guys and Girls hope you are all well, welcome to our brand new section where we take A look at the tools needed for skinning kodi skins part 3.  We will look at how to Edit your Kodi Skin using Notepad++. We will bring you a selection of these blogs over the next weeks to help you pimp up your own build of Kodi like the pro’s


Edit your Kodi Skin using Notepad++


Hello and welcome to part three of my blogs about tools needed for skinning koid, in this part i’m looking at notepad++,

this an highly effective tool used by addon creators and skinners in the kodi world, once you get used to the process you will understand why they use it.

First you’ll need to download Notepad from here, once you have downloaded, installed and run the program you’ll be greeted with the following


Edit your Kodi Skin using Notepad++


As with most programs you use the open file icon to get to files you want, the location for kodi file are as follows C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\Skin name\1080i or 720p\


Edit your Kodi Skin using Notepad++


For this quick look at Notepad++ I have used the Aeon Nox skin, i’ll now show you the sections that you will need to edit, the first one that is used is the home.xml


Edit your Kodi Skin using Notepad++


Then there is the Includes Home.xml


Edit your Kodi Skin using Notepad++


For the Aeon Nox skin the Rss feed is stored in the Includes recently added.xml. As you can see from the picture below this is where the widgets information is stored.


Edit your Kodi Skin using Notepad++


One last picture of xml files is the Font.xml. This is as the name suggests where the font info is stored.


Edit your Kodi Skin using Notepad++


So this is just a quick glance at notepad++, how to edit these sections will be covered in other blogs. I hope you’ve got a basic understanding of the files edited using notepad++.

Till next time


Check out some of the skinning tools use by Damo in his Tutorials HERE and HERE

Hope you have found this helpful and easy to follow till next time.


Anyway guys will catch up with all of you soon.


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