Editing and Changing the Kodi Logo

Editing and Changing the Kodi Logo

Good Afternoon guys and Girls hope you are all well, welcome to our brand new section Kodi Skinning Help Tutorials where in this blog we take A look at Editing and Changing the Kodi Logo . We will bring you a selection of these blogs over the next weeks to help you pimp up your own build of Kodi like the pro’s

Welcome back to my section on the tools needed to skinning.

This time I’m going to look at the photofiltre editing software and editing the logo.

First of all you’ll need to download an editing software.

I used photofiltre, this is just like photoshop but can be got for free from here.

Once you have downloaded, installed and run the program this is what you’ll see the following.


Editing and Changing the Kodi Logo


There are two main areas that I used the editing of the images.

The first was the select tool. This looks like an arrow on the pane to the right hand side of the window. (highlighted below).


Editing and Changing the Kodi Logo


The second is the text input tool, highlighted below.


Editing and Changing the Kodi Logo


So now we’ve had a look at the photofiltre look and bits I used I’ll now show you how to edit the images.

First you need to locate the image you want to edit.

I stated I’m editing the logo.

You do that by using the open file on the menu bar and go to file that you want and click on the image.


Editing and Changing the Kodi Logo



Once that you have selected the file it will open up in photofiltre.

Use the selection tool to draw a area around where you want to edit.


Editing and Changing the Kodi Logo

Editing and Changing the Kodi Logo


Then click on delete to remove the content in the box you created as show below.


Editing and Changing the Kodi Logo


Then using the same process that used earlier open the image that you want to replace on to image. As shown below




You need to copy this image and then go back to the first image.

The area that was selected earlier will still be selected.

In this area you need to right click and bring up the context menu as below.


Editing and Changing the Kodi Logo


Go to paste in and select adjust size and this will correct the image size to fit the area that was previously selected.





You use the selection tool to select to wording and delete this then use the text input tool and add the words you want, as shown above. to change the opacity of the text you select the effects tab and the move the bar along to the desired effect




Once your happy with the result you can save the image.


Until Next Time

Hope you have found this helpful and easy to follow till next time.

Anyway guys will catch up with all of you soon.

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