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This blog by Wyked One will look at getting an Enhanced All in One Home screen for Titan Skin follow this simple blog to get this great look on your Kodi Device today.


Hi Guys. Titan skin is one of the most customizable skins available for Kodi. No matter what your preference is there is something for everyone. It can be customized to act like Netflix as I showed everyone in a previous article. Read it HERE.

Today I am Going to show you how to set up the Enhanced All in One Home screen in Titan Skin When we are finished it will look similar to this.

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So first we need to install Titan skin. It is available in the official Kodi repo so if you don’t already have it downloaded go to settings, appearance, skin, get more and titan.  Once you have it installed go to Skin Settings, Home screen Layout and choose Enhanced all in one home screen.

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Configure Shortcuts

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Then edit shortcuts.


You will need to decide what add-ons you use the most as these will be the ones on our main screen.


So let’s start adding our shortcuts, shall we. Click add. Then add-on




Video add-on (or whatever you are wanting to add, be it program add-on, video add-on, picture or music add-on) In my case most are going to be video add-ons.


Click Your add-on


Click shortcut to here. Don’t worry we will add additional content when we add widgets. Trust me.

Repeat this step for all the add-ons you want to add. Also I like to add Programs and settings shortcuts to make it easier. You add these the same way as Video add-ons. After adding all the ones, you like it should look like this. As you can see I have added shortcuts for weather, settings, file manager and add-on browser . You can add these the same way as the video add-ons except you access them thru common shortcuts here as shown.







Make sure you have a weather add-on installed and configured if you add the shortcut I use Yahoo weather.


Now this has created shortcuts to the add-ons but not to the content. Now we add the widgets. With the all in one home screen there is options to add 5 widgets in total. 4 normal ones and 1 spotlight widget which is the centre and biggest one. I always add my spotlight widget first and then the secondary ones. The spotlight widget usually is to the content you watch the most. My other widgets are to categories within the add-ons.


Select the first add-on to add widgets to. Select Widgets


Select Spotlight Widget.


Select Video Add-on.


And then to the content you want. In my case it’s 1Channel


Then TV Shows


Select Most Popular.


Then use as widget.


Now for my other widgets I use categories within the add-on in 1Channel’s case I use Movies as the first widget. Tv Shows as the second and playlist as the third.


Now repeat this for all your shortcuts. Remember to do spotlight widget first to main content and then categories for the other widgets. This gives you versatility to access the add-ons with fully going into them.  The widgets for the settings and weather shortcuts are found at


Select default widgets


Click the weather tab.

Enhanced All in One Home screen Titan Skin

Settings widgets can be found at in the default widgets as well.  O.K. now that we have all our shortcuts and widgets setup let’s take a look at our home screen.


Pretty cool eh? Nice Job I knew you could do it. Now the Large spotlight widget is scrollable so highlight it and it scrolls thru the content setup with the widget. The right side widgets give you quick access to 1Channel Movies and favourites. Highlight add-on box on the bottom and scroll right and you will go to the next add-on with the widgets you set up.

Enhanced All in One Home screen Titan Skin






Enhanced All in One Home screen Titan Skin






Enhanced All in One Home screen Titan Skin


Big shout out to Marcelveldt for the huge customization options on this skin. Stay tuned for more on tutorials on customizing Titan and other skins including Phenomenal by Tomer .

I know this one was a little long winded guys but it was worth it in the end.









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