Entertainment Box R99 4K Box Review

Entertainment Box R99 4K Box Review

Hi Guys welcome to BFK, Grendal was lucky enough to be sent the brand new Entertainment Box R99 4K Box to Review, This is his thoughts on this new beast of a machine. Is it worth a purchase? Big thanks to him for taking the time out to put it through its paces.

Entertainment Box R99 4K Box Review

Well guys, it’s been some time but here we are with another review for you to feast upon. Believe me, this ones worth the wait as we have just received delivery of one of the latest and greatest boxes from our good friends at Entertainment Box. The R99 is now released!

I use the word “greatest” without hesitation when it comes to this power house of a box which clearly places itself at the top of list regarding the most desirable box out there right now.

Since its release just a few weeks ago, the initial stock flew out of the door at Entertainment box as people soon realised how good this box is.

I’m glad to say another batch of the R99 box has now arrived and is already selling faster than any other, and we managed to bag one.

TV boxes are now becoming more popular thanks to more reliable and faster internet speeds together with trusted sellers like Entertainment Box.

Yes, there certainly are many sellers available but there really is only one in our opinion you can rely upon for consistent quality, latest technology and second to none customer service. That is without doubt Entertainment Box.

Ok, enough of the build up, let’s get into the review.

When to postman delivers your new bundle of pride and joy, you will be pleased find it well packaged and protected from the riggers of the sometime treacherous journey to your doorstep.

Entertainment Box R99 4K Box Review

Inside the box is the R99 itself, HDMI cable and a power lead together with a shiny instruction manual.

A quick reminder, if you have a similar box, even if you purchased it from Entertainment Box, please make sure you use the new power lead.

The power lead supplied is specific to your box and you should never use an older version or any alternative. So, even if like me, it means crawling around on the floor un-tangling and replacing the old cable, it will be well worth it to protect your new investment.

A quick look and at first glance the R99 has (to me) a slight retro look to it. All those of you out there who grew up on Android boxes such like  will know exactly what I mean.

However, after that initial first glance the quality of this box starts to become clearly evident the moment I get my mitts on it.

Smooth, polished, sleek aluminium casing, no cheap plastic square box feel to this baby!

A scan of the external features starts on one side with Type-C USB Cable Port, a USB-2 port and USB-3 port.

On the back is an Ethernet Cable Port, an optical out, an HDMI-port, a power cable port and small pin reset button.

The other side give an infra-red panel used with the remote. A cool feature here is that this is actually on the side of the box and not the front like on most other boxes. There is no need for this high tech panel to be facing the remote meaning it will will work from any angle.

Underneath is small rubber pad designed to keep the box rock solid .

The final visual feature of the box is a small light next to the SD card port showing when the device is powered on and ready for use.

Before we move on a quick mention regarding the new Air Mouse I’m using right now.

This is the latest version of the ever popular S77 Air Mouse. You can read our review of the original by clicking here.




This sexy new version includes a “backlight” feature for those dark winter night which are almost upon us and the all important voice recognition functions.

PLEASE NOTE: this Air Mouse is NOT INCLUDED with the R99. However Entertainment Box do some cracking bundle packages. Click here for some ideas.

If you don’t already own something similar, I would seriously recommend one of these little beauties without hesitation.

OK, I just can’t wait any longer, let’s give it some juice and see what the hype is all about.

Right, all powered up and through the super slick boot sequence we are presented with something that has a very modern feel to it. This is thanks to the all new and now standard “Nova Launcher”.

I kind of like the metallic Entertainment Box puzzle piece logo. This new look does not take too long to master and a quick click on the “all aps” icon tells you exactly what’s already on the R99 ready for you to enjoy. More about some of these aps later but for now back on the main launcher screen which indecently is customisable. You can have your own background to suit your pleasure. You will notice a Google search bar waiting there for you to dive right into if that’s what you want.

At the base of the screen are some shortcuts (of course you can add to these) to some popular features.  These shortcut icons can also be drag and dropped on the screen if you want. I can’t remember another launcher that has had this amount of customisation features so easily available and I’m liking it! It’s fair to say the Nova launcher does take a bit of getting used to, but it’s worth it.

Back to some of the apps in a bit but for now let’s look at some other features in the R99.

The EBox R99 is voice activation ready, so you can access voice searches or open the settings menu. Utter a command, you will immediately notice how fast the R99 can respond. The reason being, the R99 has at its heart an RK3399 Hexa-Core CPU. This places the R99 at the top of three when it comes to running speed, menu navigation and click responses.

I have to say, I really enjoyed playing with this function and I’m sure I’ve got hours more fun ahead of me on this one and it remains to be seen just how far I can stretch the R99 voice command vocabulary!

One thing I know the guys at Entertainment Box are particularly proud of is how the R99 performs using the AnTuTu Benchmark Test! Now, that may sound like a ballet skirt or a particularly tasty variety of pasta to you and me. I can assure you however, it’s a real test app providing results after stress testing the device and gives it a score based on user experience, RAM, CPU, and overall performance.

The R99 posts a score of around 77,500.  This is an amazing score when compared to other TV Boxes. The older generation boxes usually rate somewhere between 44,000 to 46,000 for a good score. The difference is, no doubt, the Six Core CPU that is running the R99 allowing it to outperform most other devices on the market to date.

I downloaded the App myself and gave it go and sure enough

Well it says 4K on the top of the box so I thought I’d have a quick looks at how well it works on the R99.

I used the EBMC app for this. Of course you can load whatever addons or build you like onto this platform and I’ll leave that entirely up to you. Why not check out some of the great recommendations, reviews and install guides on BestforKodi.com.

Speaking of which I had a quick poke around in the great 4K section of Maverick TV and believe me, its flawless!

One thing worth noting is that this version of EBMC emulates Kodi 17.4 as opposed to SPMC. Don’t worry all the features are the same and the guys at Entertainment box have made the look and feel just how we like like it so well done on this one!

Back to the 4K playback and this was flawless at 2160p and the R99 will handle any video format you care to throw at it with ease and chuck it all over your screen providing it can handle the resolution!

My current most used build from DTG was as great as ever.

Before taking final a look, here’s a quick run down of the full R99 spec for you.

  • System Bit: 64Bit
  • System: Android 6.0.1
  • Processor: RK3399
  • CPU: ARM Cortex-A53, ARM Cortex-A72
  • Core: 2.0GHz
  • GPU: ARM Mali-T860MP
  • RAM: 4G
  • RAM Type: DDR3
  • ROM: 32G
  • Max. Extended Capacity: 64G
  • Features: 5.1 Surround Sound Output
Supported media
  • Decoder Format: H.263, H.264, H.265, HD MPEG4
  • Video format: ASF, AVI, DAT, FLV, ISO, MOV, MP4, MPEG, TS, WMV
  • Audio format: AAC, ACC, AFE, DDP, DTS, FLAC, HD, M4A, MP3, MPEG, OGA, OGG, RM, TrueHD, WAV, WAVMIDI, WMA
  • Photo Format: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG
  • Support 5.1 Surround Sound Output: Yes
  • 5G WIFI: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth4.0
  • Power Supply: Charge Adapter
  • Interface: DC 5V, HDMI, LAN, Optical, TF card, Type-C, USB2.0, USB3.0
  • Language: Multi-language
  • HDMI Version: 2.0
  • Other Functions: 3D Games,3D Video, DLNA, ISO Files, Miracast, NTSC, PAL
  • HDMI Function: HDCP
  • RJ45 Port Speed: 1000M

Ok, I’m dizzy after reading that lets head back to the Ebox store.

From here you really can do whatever you want from TV to Internet to Gaming its all inside this one great App.

One click is all you need to download.

There really isn’t too much more I can say about this great new R99 box apart from a summary so here goes.

Entertainment Box R99 4K Box Review


This really is a great box and has to be top of the tree when it comes to the competition, for me there is no doubt about that,

However, you do need to consider just what you are purchasing the box for. The R99 will do “everything and a whole lot more” than any other box out there and not only that, it will out perform all those in its class. But does that mean you need an R99 box to utilise just Kodi or EBMC? Maybe not. Other great products available from Entertainment Box will do that for you better than you could imagine. Check out the awesome T8V for example. You can read a full review of the T8V by clicking here.

BUT…and this is a BIG BUT… If you really want something special then you have to consider the R99. In todays world and the near future I believe we will be looking for more and more features such as faster and more responsive gaming, super smooth and seamless web surfing and of course CPU and memory capacity from our purchases. This is where the R99 hits the spot. If you are looking not just for a great TV box but for the “complete package” that is as “future-proof” as any new product can be today, then the R99 is the one for you.

Of course however, if you simply demand and want the best thats out there right now you won’t go far wrong with the R99

Till next time guys. Keep dabbling


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