Exclusive: Smell Food Kodi – Smell the Food through your TV – Coming Soon

Smell Food Kodi

Best for Kodi Exclusive: Smell Food is a revolutionary new product coming soon. With this product you will be able to smell the food that you are watching via the Kodi addon of the same name.


We are extremely pleased to have been given the exclusive on a brand new product and Kodi addon coming this April.

Smell Food is a fantastic bit of clever kit that plugs in via USB to your Android TV Box. The developers hope to have a working version for those of you using Kodi on a PC/Tablet and other methods but for the time being, it only works via an Android TV Box.


So, what is Smell Food Kodi all about?

Well, currently the Smell Food Sensation Hub will only be available in the UK and U.S.A. The retail prices will be £124.99 and $139.99 respectively. Yes, it may seem expensive, but with the technology behind it, if you are a food buff you would be mad to not want it.


The Smell Food Sensation Hub simply plugs into your USB port of your Android TV Box. Then you install the Smell Food Kodi addon.


Smell Food Kodi


Once configured and activated. The Smell Food Sensation Hub will be ready to use.


Now, onto the Smell Food addon:


Smell Food Kodi


Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to tell you how to install the Smell Food addon as that is part of the package of the Sensation Hub.

But, we can tell you what it is all about:

The Smell Food addon has a good range of cooking shows and food programs at the moment. We have been told there will be more programs added as the months go on.


When you launch the Smell Food Addon, you will be greeted with various menus:

Smell Food Kodi


For this example, we chose Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

Smell Food Kodi


As you watch throughout the programme. You get an indicator of the Smell Food logo come up on screen top right.

This is to say that the Sensation Hub is working. Then in a feat of technology, the food on the screen is what you can smell!


Smell Food Kodi


As you can see the logo above. We got the smell of raw doughnut cakey mixture. Kind of like a mix between cookie dough and cake mix, we were astonished.

Other smells we got throughout the various programmes were spot on, from Fries, Burgers, Fish and even a hint of strawberry when there was a strawberry milkshake … it was amazing.

We could go on!


Like we said the Smell Food Sensation Hub with Kodi addon is being released this April. We hope to be able to give you a full review of the product when it gets closer to the release date.

But for now, get those tastebuds ready!



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