FCC repealed Net Neutrality – The Fight has began

FCC repealed Net Neutrality - The Fight has began

Good Afternoon Guys yesterday in the states the first steps to kill off the internet as we know it came into motion. The FCC Repealed Net Neutrality which basically sign the death penalty to the Internet. Handing over massive powers to the Internet Service Providers.


FCC repealed Net Neutrality – The Fight has began

Good Afternoon Guys and Girls some massive news came out of the states yesterday which could change the internet as we know for ever. Calling all our US readers we need your help. This could easily happen in all countries around the world if not stopped here.

While cackling in a jovial display, the FCC trespassed on the First Amendment of every U.S. citizen.

Just a few short hours ago, the FCC repealed net neutrality with blatant disregard to public opinion.

In their obliteration of net neutrality rules, the FCC has removed all regulations put in place to protect consumers from internet providers like Verizon®, Comcast®, and AT&T®.

Now there is nothing to legally prevent your internet provider from controlling what you see and do online.

Though this battle was lost — a major battle at that — the war is far from over.

This is where our advertising partners come in:-

BestForKodi along we our advertising partners IPVanish stands for online freedom. We will never stop fighting for an open internet, and we hope you’re not throwing in the towel, either.

Now the battle has moved onto Congress, where a majority ruling in the House and the Senate can overturn what in fact as the  internet’s death sentence.

Add your voice to the many of us imploring Congress to overrule this rash decision that attacks internet freedom. Most importantly, activate your followers to do the same by directing them to https://www.battleforthenet.com.

We cannot sit idly by and allow The ISP’S  kill the internet as we know it. Together, we can stop biased commercial censorship, superfluous fees, and targeted throttling from ever reaching the masses.

We have been banging on about the importance of VPNs for years.

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FCC repealed Net Neutrality - The Fight has began

ISP’S in many countries have began to push for ways on how their users access the Net.  This Time last year government bills, such as Snoopers Charter, were brought in which threaten open internet access for users.

Lets keep the internet free for all users and support net neutrality.

FCC repealed Net Neutrality – The Fight has began


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FCC repealed Net Neutrality - The Fight has began


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